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Left 4 Dead 2
Left 4 Dead 2 is a single-player and multiplayer co-operative survival horror FPS game.
Today's Top Mods
Audio Survivors
01.08.17 Feedback 8
change the voice of Ellis to Yuudachi "GCFScape"is necessary without forge... More >
Author lillipa
Game Left 4 Dead 2

2 Minecraft Zombies
Miscellaneous Infected
05.23.12 Feedback 166
Sense I'm going Minecraft crazy here's another minecraft mod, but for the inf... More >
Author Splinks
Game Left 4 Dead 2

3 Bots PickUp Chainsaws
Scripts Weapons
08.18.17 Feedback 21
Ever you want bots to use Chainsaw weapon. Well, Valve didn't code this to pi... More >
Author Johnny Dave
Game Left 4 Dead 2

4 ww1 M1903 Springfield bolt action rifle(Scout)
08.13.17 Feedback 6
The M1903 Springfield, formally the United States Rifle, Caliber .30-06, Mode... More >
Author hess
Game Left 4 Dead 2

5 Alex_D's TF2 HUD icon pack
GUI Scripts
08.17.17 Feedback 0
A large HUD icon pack for Team Fortress 2 weapon and item replacements. More >
Author Alex_D_Vasilkov
Game Left 4 Dead 2

6 Overwatch GenJi Katana
Weapons Miscellaneous
03.12.17 Feedback 21
Replaces Katana Enjoy! Credits: Blizzard Entertainment - Model/Texture/So... More >
Author ClearSkyC/zexalyuma
Game Left 4 Dead 2

7 Alex_D's CoD:BO3 HUD icon pack
GUI Scripts
08.17.17 Feedback 0
A small HUD icon pack for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 weapon replacements. Incl... More >
Author Alex_D_Vasilkov
Game Left 4 Dead 2

8 Big Daddy (BaS ver.) as Charger
08.15.17 Feedback 2
"Hurt 'im, Mr. B! Hurt 'im! Tear 'im into little bits!" - a Little Sister I... More >
Author memepee
Game Left 4 Dead 2

9 Coach TANK
Audio Miscellaneous
08.12.17 Feedback 1
Yes, the mod has replaced the tank model, before tankcoach, I made a comparis... More >
Author 晨晨
Game Left 4 Dead 2

10 [R18] 2B Dakimakura (NieR: Automata) [Animated]
Miscellaneous Items
07.06.17 Feedback 15
It's only the uncensored version of my 2B Dakimakura. This version is anima... More >
Author Fates & Litchi
Game Left 4 Dead 2

Today's Top Left 4 Dead 2
08.18.17 Feedback 0
The Leagend Of HAHA A Coop Map More >
Author HeungOvO
Game Left 4 Dead 2

2 Let's Build:Deconstruction
Co-Op Survival Versus
08.16.17 Feedback 48
New Update 08/12/17. READ THE CHANGELOG Players must build barricades to pr... More >
Author Mapeater
Game Left 4 Dead 2

3 Yanzhou
6 Maps Co-Op Campaign
08.12.17 Feedback 18
Map introduction: This a map from China's Set in China. It is more suitable t... More >
Author Fenxiang Chen Chen
Game Left 4 Dead 2

4 Deathcraft II
6 Maps Co-Op Campaign
11.05.12 Feedback 1,934
2.1 released, hopefully there's no more broken or missing models. As the last... More >
Author Special KBS/Splinks/Mojang/C418
Game Left 4 Dead 2

5 Dark Wood (Extended)
5 Maps Co-Op Survival
07.04.17 Feedback 419
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------... More >
Author Phaeton
Game Left 4 Dead 2

6 Left 4 Duluth 2017
4 Maps Co-Op Survival Versus
08.12.17 Feedback 12
Workshop release and update with versus and survival. Cleaned up all maps and... More >
Author Chinbeard Productions, Dave Marcaccini, Joe Conaway
Game Left 4 Dead 2

7 Quedan 4X Morir L4D2
4 Maps Co-Op Campaign
08.10.17 Feedback 65
Hunt thru 4 dangerous maps in this amazing creation from Son Gouki. The 4's c... More >
Author Son Gouki
Game Left 4 Dead 2

8 Resident Evil 1
6 Maps Co-Op Survival
06.26.17 Feedback 223
An incident with the chopper forces the survivors to get into a big house in ... More >
Author Steam: rodry_ponja (Roku)
Game Left 4 Dead 2

9 Yama
5 Maps Co-Op Survival Versus
12.20.12 Feedback 899
A 5-map campaign set in various locations throughout Japan. Survivors start i... More >
Author the0rthopaedicsurgeon
Game Left 4 Dead 2

10 Zombie Blackout Extended
7 Maps Co-Op Campaign
06.22.17 Feedback 45
Fixed this broken oldie up. Replaced map 1 and fixed all remaining issues nav... More >
Author Nigel Moran-Wixard-FiNB0B-LoPony-Timelords
Game Left 4 Dead 2

Items Selection Pack
Updated: 05/27/14
This pack brings new textures for: Ammo Pile, Ammo Boxes, Laser Box, Pipe Bomb, Molotov, Vomitjar, Pills, Adrenaline, First Aid, Defibrillator, Gatherables, TV CEDA, TV Zombies, Umbrella Desktop, First Aid Cabinet, Snack Machine, Soda Machine Pepsi, Pepsi Cola, Crates, Roman Candles Fireworks, Gatherables Icons.

Credits: miztaegg, Alexander, Samm5506, Funreal, ddd, ferretsshadow, headshot114, STGrant, K1CHWA, Tr!cky, T'Lani. Please feel free to point missed authors.

All the material was downloaded and combined following Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported. Im totally free to share: copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format. The licensor cannot revoke these freedoms as long as you follow the license terms: Attribution (appropriate credit), noncommercial and noderivative (i didint remixed, transformed or built upon) "If the combination does not create an adaptation, then you may combine any CC-licensed content so long as you provide attribution and comply with the NonCommercial restriction if it applies."
Changelog (v5.0 Complete)
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