Left 4 Dead 2
Left 4 Dead 2 is a single-player and multiplayer co-operative survival horror FPS game.
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04.21.18 Feedback 0
Hastily made single shot bolt-action 12 gauge pipe shotgun. This version repl... More >
Uploader Rectus
Author Rectus
Game Left 4 Dead 2

Miscellaneous Survivors
04.17.18 Feedback 3
Rona from METRO CONFLICT: THE ORIGIN Model by TheForgottenSaint47[ theforgo... More >
Uploader Claucker
Author Claucker
Game Left 4 Dead 2

3 Mei is Bae ( Zoey )
Miscellaneous Survivors
04.18.18 Feedback 3
Mei's body parts by dawadd[ dawadd deviantart com] Rona's body parts by TheF... More >
Uploader Claucker
Author Claucker
Game Left 4 Dead 2

4 Left 4 Dead 2 Remastered
Audio GUI Scripts
04.01.18 Feedback 45
Instructions:For stable operation, we recommend that you download all the nec... More >
Uploader kzscience
Author kzscience
Game Left 4 Dead 2

5 L4D1 Survivors with Melee fix
09.17.11 Feedback 44
A relatively simple pack which I'm hoping will be superceded by a future Valv... More >
Uploader PappasKurtz
Author PappasKurtz
Game Left 4 Dead 2

6 Yamakaze voicepack for Zoey
Audio Survivors
01.26.17 Feedback 4
change the voice of Zoey to Yamakaze "GCFScape"is necessary without forge... More >
Uploader Lillipa
Author lillipa
Game Left 4 Dead 2

7 CODOL MK14EBR Sky BLUE(Hunting Rifle)
03.20.17 Feedback 10
This is a fix for the world model of the muzzleflash and lazersight versions,... More >
Uploader DazerSkyesT
Author DazerSkyes
Game Left 4 Dead 2

8 Urik Game Menu
GUI Menus
07.07.14 Feedback 33
For up-to-date version, go to gamebanana or workshop. Not updated here anymore. More >
Uploader Urik
Author Urik_Kane
Game Left 4 Dead 2

9 Minecraft Special Infected
Miscellaneous Infected
09.28.12 Feedback 265
Minecraft is has gone haywire and the time has come for the mobs to strike ba... More >
Uploader splinks
Author Splinks
Game Left 4 Dead 2

10 2016 Giveaway
Audio Vehicles
07.09.17 Feedback 15
A pack of mods I've been working on this entire year. Literally, it's simply ... More >
Uploader AvengedDeathAlert
Author AvengedDeathAlert
Game Left 4 Dead 2

Today's Top Left 4 Dead 2
3 Maps Co-Op Campaign
04.20.18 Feedback 12
Author yebanjianjiao.Map's name may mean"what's this s**t!?"in English.This m... More >
Uploader yebanjianjiao
Author 夜半尖叫
Game Left 4 Dead 2

2 Dark Wood (Extended)
5 Maps Co-Op Survival
04.17.18 Feedback 471
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------... More >
Uploader Phaeton
Author Phaeton
Game Left 4 Dead 2

3 Resident Evil 1
6 Maps Co-Op Survival
04.18.18 Feedback 309
An incident with the chopper forces the survivors to get into a big house in ... More >
Uploader Rodry_metal
Author Steam: rodry_ponja (Roku)
Game Left 4 Dead 2

4 Resident Evil 3
7 Maps Co-Op Survival Versus
04.16.18 Feedback 413
Things you have to know: -I changed the name (Raccoon City Nemesis) to avoi... More >
Uploader Rodry_metal
Author Roku
Game Left 4 Dead 2

5 Half-Life 2: Highway 17(L4D2)
5 Maps Co-Op Campaign
04.08.18 Feedback 9
The survivors were trapped in a dock, they must go through Highway 17 to find... More >
Uploader l4dmaps_ljj
Author Valve,桃李果树
Game Left 4 Dead 2

6 Deathcraft II
6 Maps Co-Op Campaign
11.05.12 Feedback 1,943
2.1 released, hopefully there's no more broken or missing models. As the last... More >
Uploader rtsdeathreaper
Author Special KBS/Splinks/Mojang/C418
Game Left 4 Dead 2

7 NightmareHouse2 - map sharing
7 Maps Co-Op Campaign
04.01.18 Feedback 31
我不是此地图的作者,我只是将此地图搬运过来。 地图介绍: 生存者们在逃离时不... More >
Uploader jushenchuanshu
Author LilSaint
Game Left 4 Dead 2

8 Day Break
5 Maps Co-Op Survival Versus
09.01.17 Feedback 365
It's been a long road since I started this project shortly before Left 4 Dead... More >
Uploader DannBo
Author DannBo
Game Left 4 Dead 2

9 Precinct 84 (2018 Edition)
4 Maps Co-Op Survival Versus
04.02.18 Feedback 38
After a helicopter crash into a city just freshly hit by the infection. The s... More >
Uploader Trunten
Author Eric "Keldorn" Payne
Game Left 4 Dead 2

10 Timelords - Meows Blood Bath Extended (fixed)
4 Maps Co-Op Campaign
04.06.18 Feedback 77
This is a 6 map (4 campaign) mashup. The four campaigns are (Meows Blood Bath... More >
Uploader daywalkerdave1963
Author Meow, Trish and Timelords
Game Left 4 Dead 2

Combat Arms Weapon Sound Mod
Updated: 03/08/16
This sound mod replaces the most weapon sounds and some item sounds with those from Combat Arms.

As in all of my sound mods, the pistols use their intended sounds, meaning that the sound of the right pistol comes from the right and the sound of the left pistol comes from the left.
The Magnum has its own handling sound and this sound mod even contains script files that forces the Magnum to actually use them (but ONLY if the Magnum replacement you have is coded to use them... that's the compiler's decision). Not only that, but these script files add pitch variance to all gunfire and many handling sounds to make them sound much more realistic. But beware that these scripts only work on all official campaigns, official Survival maps, MrFunreal's TUMTaRA maps and VALVe's lost test maps (that's all these maps that start with the name "zoo_").

Pistols: G18
Magnum: Desert Eagle
Silenced SMG: M4A1 SOPMOD (the first version used the MAC-10 sounds, but these are much better, trust me)
SMG: Uzi
MP5: MP5A4
AKM: AN-94
Assault Rifle: M4A1
Desert Rifle: CX4 Storm
SG552: SG550
Hunting Rifle: M14 Hunter
Military Sniper Rifle: G3 (because both, the MSG90 and PSG1 sound so bad)
Scout: Gunsite Scout Rifle
AWP: Tango 51 (who the f*** invented this name?)
Combat Shotgun: AA-12
Tactical Shotgun: M4 Super 90
Chrome Shotgun: R11-87P
Pump Shotgun: Max's Set R870 MCS MOD (man, do I hate this shotgun)
M60: M60E4
Grenade Launcher: M79
Machine Gun: M2 Browning
Minigun: M134D


- NEXON: Original sound files
Changelog (v1.0 Final)
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