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Left 4 Dead
Left 4 Dead is a singleplayer and multiplayer cooperative survival horror FPS game.
Today's Top Mods
07.07.13 Feedback 39
Replaces the current intro with the Sacrifice trailer More >
Author L4D-Pro
Game Left 4 Dead

2 G36k rifle for l4d v.2
02.07.12 Feedback 25
G36k grey skin for l4d1 i dont know hoo did it just vpk the files. has custo... More >
Author Chew-az
Game Left 4 Dead

3 Classic-Style Hunter
08.14.17 Feedback 18
This is a recreation of the hunter seen in pre-release media for Left 4 Dead.... More >
Author Dindex
Game Left 4 Dead

4 Frost Hive MAC-10
Audio Weapons
05.12.17 Feedback 3
Frost Hive MAC-10 texture for L4D2 Silenced SMG. and i fixed some bugs of mat... More >
Author Valve/Mezamorphis & viridityswine/Walt/Jack.Cedric
Game Left 4 Dead

5 L4D1-The Walking Dead Zoey
04.05.16 Feedback 4
This is Zoey from Left 4 Dead with Rick Grimes Jacket from season 5, A Teenag... More >
Author Emanbees/❀ Baby Nature ❀/Lt.Rocky
Game Left 4 Dead

6 CS:GO --- AK-47 Vulcan
Audio Weapons
08.19.16 Feedback 7
CS:GO AK-47 Vulcan replaces rifle. More >
Author BoomerSTEAM/dani1341/VALVe/CombatBowl/John.Wick/Jack.Cedric
Game Left 4 Dead

7 l4d1_M4A1-BEAST from CrossFire
05.30.17 Feedback 5
This is Super VIP weapon from CrossFire. About some features: animated textu... More >
Author ClearSkyC/AyaSupay
Game Left 4 Dead

8 Minecraft Survivors to L4D1
Miscellaneous Survivors
12.25.14 Feedback 17
Changes to the survivors of L4D1 by characters in Minecraft, Read the changel... More >
Author Splinks / BarryDennen12 / Xavi
Game Left 4 Dead

9 SlenderMan (Smoker mod) V2
07.03.14 Feedback 8
This mod replaces the Smoker with the Slenderman. Originally a L4D2 mod by Sp... More >
Author Emanbees/Splinks
Game Left 4 Dead

10 FPS Boost
Scripts Particles
06.11.17 Feedback 34
Visit the website in the image above for latest releases and detailed install... More >
Author jeffrey
Game Left 4 Dead

Today's Top Left 4 Dead
5 Maps Co-Op Survival
02.11.12 Feedback 647
As the last minecarts leave the town, the survivors are forced to find anothe... More >
Author Special KBS/Bindal/Mojang/C418
Game Left 4 Dead

2 Witch Hunter
4 Maps Co-Op Campaign
01.12.14 Feedback 244
Our survivors wake up in Aperture, They realize scientists there use them as ... More >
Author Tisa
Game Left 4 Dead

3 Red Sea
4 Maps Co-Op Campaign
07.25.17 Feedback 5
A cargo ship has docked in the city and try to retrieve survivors with radio ... More >
Author SilverRagout
Game Left 4 Dead

4 Left 4 Dead: The Sacrifice
07.07.13 Feedback 39
Replaces the current intro with the Sacrifice trailer More >
Author L4D-Pro
Game Left 4 Dead

5 Blood Hospital
3 Maps Co-Op Campaign
09.24.09 Feedback 22
Chaos has broke out around the hospital leaving the survivors with one goal..... More >
Author Cameraman-4
Game Left 4 Dead

6 Dead Vacation (L4D1)
5 Maps Co-Op Campaign
04.13.12 Feedback 297
(L4D1 only) In this Dead Island inspired campaign, the survivors team up wit... More >
Author Manneklint
Game Left 4 Dead

7 One 4 Nine
5 Maps Co-Op Survival Versus
10.04.14 Feedback 170
In the Nevada Desert, the U.S. Army have built a Military base around an anci... More >
Author Kev Edwards
Game Left 4 Dead

8 Monster Mill
5 Maps Co-Op Survival
10.20.16 Feedback 82
After the Survivors escape the terrible Millhaven base, they find a raised br... More >
Author RainingMetal
Game Left 4 Dead

9 Blood Woods APOCALYPSE
6 Maps Co-Op Campaign
12.29.13 Feedback 16
Underground Edition pictures VS APOCALYPSE pictures ***This map was stol... More >
Author ROMBU
Game Left 4 Dead

10 Dam It (Turtle Rock Studios)
3 Maps Co-Op Survival
11.05.16 Feedback 18
Turtle Rock Studio's last Left 4 Dead campaign that was never finished, Dam I... More >
Author Turtle Rock Studios
Game Left 4 Dead

Dialogue Vocalizer
Updated: 07/23/17
This is extended and amended by Head;Closer artwork: L4D1 Modified talker from Morning Nine Nine, in other words } New Day's popular remaster of it; Modification adds or restores unused and censored dialogues with replicas.

What's new:

~"No more rare" increased chance to fire;
~Minor changes in settings of scenes and phrases, for realistic speech;
~Added as a bonus two more different blow-sounds;
~Added(or exchanged) and restored more extra lines in game;
~Modified special infected vocals, currently uses files from alpha version;
~Modified english and russian close captions;
~Added The Passing files and lines;
~Added menu with mixed dialogues and replicas, which you can listen using this command:

"+mouse_menu Conversation"

bind "g(or another your key)" "+mouse_menu Conversation" 

Put it into developer console or your autoexec.cfg file in cfg folder. 

(X:/***/Steam/steamapps/common/Left 4 Dead/left4dead/cfg(Or other your way to game folder))

Or just check in game ~ keyboard options and bind keys as usual :) Menus included.

Added menus with classic lines:

"+mouse_menu Bill"
"+mouse_menu Bill1"
"+mouse_menu Bill2"
"+mouse_menu Bill3"
"+mouse_menu Bill4"
"+mouse_menu Bill5"
"+mouse_menu Bill6"
"+mouse_menu Bill7"
"+mouse_menu Bill8"
"+mouse_menu Bill9"

"+mouse_menu Francis"
"+mouse_menu Francis1"
"+mouse_menu Francis2"
"+mouse_menu Francis3"
"+mouse_menu Francis4"
"+mouse_menu Francis5"
"+mouse_menu Francis6"
"+mouse_menu Francis7"
"+mouse_menu Francis8"
"+mouse_menu Francis9"
"+mouse_menu Francis10"
"+mouse_menu Francis11"
"+mouse_menu Francis12"

"+mouse_menu Zoey"
"+mouse_menu Zoey1"
"+mouse_menu Zoey2"
"+mouse_menu Zoey3"
"+mouse_menu Zoey4"
"+mouse_menu Zoey5"
"+mouse_menu Zoey6"

"+mouse_menu Louis"
"+mouse_menu Louis1"
"+mouse_menu Louis2"
"+mouse_menu Louis3"
"+mouse_menu Louis4"
"+mouse_menu Louis5"
"+mouse_menu Louis6"
"+mouse_menu Louis7"
"+mouse_menu Louis8"
"+mouse_menu Louis9"

"+mouse_menu Bill&Francis"

"+mouse_menu Bill&Zoey"

"+mouse_menu Bill&Louis"

"+mouse_menu Zoey&Francis"

"+mouse_menu Louis&Francis"

"+mouse_menu Louis&Zoey"

"+mouse_menu Bill&Francis&Zoey"

"+mouse_menu Bill&Francis&Louis"

"+mouse_menu Louis&Francis&Zoey"

"+mouse_menu All"
"+mouse_menu All1"
"+mouse_menu All2"
"+mouse_menu All3"
"+mouse_menu All4"
"+mouse_menu All5"
"+mouse_menu All6"
"+mouse_menu All7"
"+mouse_menu All8"
"+mouse_menu All9"
"+mouse_menu All10"
"+mouse_menu All11"
"+mouse_menu All12"
"+mouse_menu All13"
"+mouse_menu All14"
"+mouse_menu All15"
"+mouse_menu All16"
"+mouse_menu All17"
"+mouse_menu All18"

More information about progress, game-code differences and installation instructions or "How 2 Use" guide ~ look inside of changelog list.
Changelog (v32 Final)
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