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GameMaps Team Fortress 2 Maps VSH Dr Office
VSH Dr Office created by X-tra.
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This is a deathrun map for TF2, working with the Saxton Hale mode. DON'T RESTRAIN ANY CLASSES/CLASS WEAPONS EXCEPT SPY. Some of them play major roles in order to unlock secrets. Don't worry for scouts and such, traps are made to get those little bunnies too.
Version: 2  (Final)
Last Updated: 05/12/12
Released: 12/31/69
Author: X-tra
Maps: 1
Map Size: Not Specified
Max Players: Not Specified
File: vsh_dr_office_v2.bsp  
Size: 61.3MB
Last Updated: 05/12/12 Version: 2  (Final) Views: 10,763
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GameMaps Team Fortress 2 Maps VSH Dr Office