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CTF Pineapple created by MitchellFarted.
ctf_Pineapple is a medium sized CTF map that takes heavy inspiration from 2fort and turbine. It takes place in an Underground building and a cave, and has multiple routes to the flag. Has options for every class too, like multiple sniping spots, good sentry placements and a few spy hiding places. This map is still in heavy development, if you play it please give me some feedback to improve the map. If you have a server, i'd be grateful if you could put this map on and let people try it or make a video of people playing it. (Also 'Pineapple' is only a temp name) Made by MitchellFarted and Zemanzo
Last Updated: 12/10/12
Released: 12/31/69
Status: Unreleased - Watchlist this add-on!
Maps: 1
Map Size: Not Specified
Max Players: Not Specified
File: ctf_pineappleV1B4.bsp  
Size: 4.17MB
Last Updated: 12/10/12   Status: Unreleased - Watchlist this add-on!    
I love this map and all, I mean is is my ~favorite~ map in the whole TF2 (2fort being my fave stock map) but if you haven't noticed, it's not BLUE it's BLU for Builder League United...
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