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Zoey Replaces Witch (Plus) Zoey's Voice created by 最爱Rochelle.
Works with skins on i turned on my Zoey Green Mod so it affected it and yes i think it works with nude Zoey(maybe it will work) or what i know i know i really don't like killing Zoey . . . :( but fun XDDDDDDDDDDDD Tough Luck Ellis
Version: 1.0  (Complete)
Last Updated: 02/03/12
Released: 02/03/12
Author: 最爱Rochelle
Publisher: monstergaga(l4d)
File: zoey witch.vpk  
Size: 6.24MB
Tagged: Infected, Infected, Witch,
Last Updated: 02/03/12   Version: 1.0  (Complete)    
where do i get nude zoey?
They removed it :c
Please tell me if you find it.. cause I cannot find it anywhere! :(
I wanna kill that bitch now.
lol i tried making it use the nude zoey mod model without having to use it for zoey and she goes invisable, obviously im not very good with modding lol
this is a recompiled version of zoey. if he used the original it would be in a t-pose (no animations)
It says that it is not a valid source engine addon for me
you don't double click it you put it in your addons folder /)_-
Yeah well mines worse when i download it
it never shows up when i play the game the witch is invisable then
completely crashes my game
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