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DeadCity Campaign created by ilcannibal.
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Kill plenty of zombies starting in RiverSide (city) then battling through the Back Alleys, over a Draw Bridge, at a Military Outpost finding yourself at a Water Plant and during the escape at the Subway Station. This is the Latest Update. Please overwrite your existing copy.
Version: 5.0  (Final)
Last Updated: 10/23/10
Released: 10/23/10
Author: ilcannibal
Publisher: ilcannibal
Maps: 6/6
Map Size: Not Specified
Max Players: Not Specified
File: deadcity.vpk  
Size: 258.4MB
Game: Left 4 Dead, L4D
*Custom intro, poster and outro. *Most areas are highly detailed. *Great level design. *Escape route was more intuitive than other campaigns. *Some maps send you back to near previously visited areas. Nice touch. *Shooting range. *Exploding pumps.
*Few warnings that using certain things would alert a horde. *Elevator in first map can be started without everyone inside. *On some roof areas, the props in the 3D skybox seem to float. *Bots had some trouble opening rescue closets. *Can get caught on some details such as window frames and door frames. *Just after the metal door crescendo event in map 2, there seemed to be an endless stream of infected coming at us. There was no screaming horde sound, just an endless feed of infected. With a tank just waiting around the corner, this was not a good thing. Stood there for 15 minutes just killing infected until we tried to run through the horde to somewhere. *Tanks can get stuck behind walls on map2 and die from frustration. *Seemed to be too many open the door/gate crescendo events. Needs more variety. *Drawbridge clips through brushes and props when lowering. *Some shadows flickered in and out of existence when there was no fashing lights around. *Not sure how safe a saferoom can be when a tank has taken down the wall of it. *Some invisible walls in the room with all the pumps and cooling tanks. *Final map is a bit too long for a finale map.
A very good campaign witha lot more detail than most other custom campaigns I've played. An odd gameplay bug here and there but still very enjoyable. Probably best played with other people rather than bots.
- Great map design with gloomy atmosphere. - Challenging without being punishing. - More zombies to blast away than most maps. Bonus points! - Good story. - Good length campaign. SIX maps instead of the usual four or five. - The layout and route you find your way through isn't stupidly easy or dumbed down, you have to explore and figure your way around the map, which is a nice change. But at the same time it doesn't feel like a puzzle. - The part with the tank is awesome. I like riding the tank! :D (A real tank, not the special infected tank)
- Other players whining and complaining about all the things that make this campaign so great! - AI don't play so well, just play it with your friends. This feels like a map you'd want to play with other people anyway so its not an issue for me since I can usually fill up my game with players.
Fun as hell map that's long and great to play with friends, with enough challenges to keep you occupied and entertained for a good while.
Good map design Long campaign Good story idea Challenging ending/final chapter
Throughout most of the first 3 maps, the special infected would spawn miles away from the survivors, making it extremely boring and easy. The parts in which you would alert the horde seemed like there were about 5x the normal amount of zombies. Though not hard, but made those points in each level drag out for longer than it needed to. This may be due to the bad special infected spawning, but most of the levels seemed too long, and as a result, boring.
Over all, good maps, too many zombies when you alerted the horde, not enough when you don't. Slightly glitched special infected spawning, but the long campaign and good ending made up for most of it.
---- In general ---- + Loooong campaign packed with 6 maps. + Great brushwork and no mssing textures. + No bugs concerning the langth of the maps. + Good amount of throwables. + Great highlights and events. + Design of the bridge was nice, but see Cons. + Atmosphere really projected city life on me. + Skybox was quite awesome aswell. + Campaign's loaded with Tanks and Witches. + Finale was creative, especially the ticket vendor to call help. + Nice intro by the way, packed with dialogues, yeah! + Creative, loud and clearly.
---- Map 2 ---- - Please add more ammo stacks in front of the garage. - Garage event was exaggerated and overloaded. - Tank got stuck between a gap inside the wall near the saferoom. ---- Map 3 ---- - Bots were acting stupid, not really assisting. - Bridge didn't make any sense, connecting both sides because of what? ---- Map 6 - Finale ---- - Please also add more directions to the finale, we nearly got lost. - Finale also needs more ammo stacks. - Bypassing trains made no sounds. - I wasn't able to find any pills at the subway station. - Bots took ages to get aboard, went behind the train where enemies didn't get them. ---- In general ---- - AI navigation issues. - Partly bland gameplay because of confusedness.
For a long campaign like this, these few mistakes are purely normal. But I have to say that I am quite surprised how good it worked out finally. But really, the finale needs more work. Especially the AI navigation needs a fix. They did follow me by foot, no doubt, but they sometimes didn't even bother to shoot oncoming zombies, or to help other teammates up. This was annoying. The arrival of the train took long aswell, despite the fact that Tanks were nearby, actually just across the station, but there was no train. I was able to get aboard, but the other AI mates didn't..they stood around waiting for nothing between the wall and the train, where zombies didn't get them..and then finally teleported themselves to my position.
-Really hard! -Lots of tanks -Long levels, which aren't repetetive -Interesting cihoke points -Lots of throwables -No missing textures
-Can't play through the whole campaign due to floating spawning error on map 6. Need to restart the finale from the lobby everytime. -Some textures look stretched - The 3D skybox doesn't have the same fog settings as the actual map which looks weird. -Idiotic bots, not really your fault though -The music doesn't work as it should -Confusing at times, first time plays only
This is one of my and my friends favorite campaigns. We love playing it on expert due to the difficulty. It provides a real challenge that not many campaigns do. The campaign style is consistent and the events are varied. The pros heavily outweigh the cons, but if some of the cons were to be fixed it would rock even more! Actually, if you just fixed the map 6 spawning error and changed the level_sounds.txt files I would be happy as it is. The other cons are just nitpicking on a really fun and hard campaign. Thank you for the time spent creating it, I know what work lies behind a project such as this! Had many fun hours playing it!
Last Updated: 10/23/10 Version: 5.0  (Final) Views: 1,193,729
Please fix Bug...
when im starting to play the campaign at the very beginning the l4d automatically shutting down??
vraiment très bonne campagne
à tester obligatoirement

sans hésiter l'une des 10 meilleurs campagnes après les six campagnes officiels
i cant play map 2!
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