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Drop Dead Gorges created by cincinnati.
Originally conceived and heavily tested as a versus campaign, version 2 constitutes a pretty big art pass, a significant addition of custom content, and small tweaks to the geometry for both vs. and coop. Though coop is encouraged and conscientiously supported, this is still a versus campaign at heart...if you get a chance, play it that way. For those who think vanilla versus is a bit too kind to the survivors, disable the survivor handicapping in confogl and alternatively try this approach.
Version: 2.1  (Complete)
Last Updated: 12/19/13
Released: 12/19/13
Author: cincinnati
Publisher: cincinnati
Maps: 3/3
Map Size: Not Specified
Max Players: Not Specified
File: ddg_v2_1.vpk  
Size: 141.33MB
Mode: Co-Op, Versus, Campaign,
Tagged: L4D1 Survivors,
Last Updated: 12/19/13   Version: 2.1  (Complete)    
- Challenging - Nonlinear - Disable way-finding - Custom artwork & decals - Great detail
- Loads of dead ends - Disable way-finding - Slightly confusing paths
If you have ever said to yourself: "Gosh I wish I could play a map that had multiple pathways that I could take and also have tons of risks of falling from great heights, that would be swell!" Then Drop Dead Gorges is a map right up your alley! I proudly give it the seal of approval for most unique map design I have ever had the chance to play, Perhaps not a map for new players but a veteran player will have a blast on this campaign. The amount of custom designs and artwork is a nice bonus too but best not to sit around too long admiring them. It has a challenge in its own regard that makes this a very fun but not too terribly long campaign. So if you enjoy trying a unique and creative map over all the basic other maps out there...give this a try, you'll not be disappointed!
I don't see what's so strange about a top-secret hat factory tucked into the rocky wilderness... in the shadow of an old monastery on a bluff in kentucky.
Lol. I just found it weird, the way it all blended. There are some beautiful parts of it, but then all of a sudden, some buildings appear in the less expectable place, and I was kind of shocked. Aside from that, it's not like it's horrible to see. Just... Weird. Still, I liked the campaign and I'll play it again soon.
-Three long maps -Very well-designed (gameplay wise) -Challenging -Way finding -Option to turn off way finding
-Bad designed (aesthetical wise) (-0.5) -A bit confusing (-0.2) -Finale is way too easy (-1)
It's a very good campaign, but with a few flaws that prevents it from being one of my MUST HAVE. While the campaign is pretty interesting and challenging, the setting and the design of the buildings seems very awkward to me. In the sense that I see a lot of weird mixtures of cliffs, walls, and different kinds of buildings which doesn't make me feel the immersion. Still, that is aesthetically only, gameplay wise, it makes for a lot of exploring and it becomes very challenging the first time you play. I also encourage to play with the way finding off. In fact, that's how I have always played it. The second map gets a bit confusing, imo, with a lot of doors, buttons and levels. I got to a point where I stood for half an hour without advancing till I found the right way (pretty obvious now, though). The finale, while it seems amazing, can be very easily accomplished by staying in one corner in the main building, where you can see infected coming through the doors and windows, and then the Tanks can be beaten more easily by jumping between the roofs of the main building and the building where the radio is. Still, a very nice campaign, and if you get to play with friends you'll enjoy it. If you play versus more then you definitely want to have this. Not staying in my collection for the moment, though. Nonetheless, very good job doing this, cincinnati, congratulation!
- Beautiful scenery - Multiple path options create diversity in game play - Well spread-out item and weapon spawns - directional arrows shouldn't be in place - the horde numbers are almost perfect, more would be better
Cons: None
Conclusion: Well done, definitely one of my favorite maps
+ beautiful and immersive environment + uber detailed maps that have "soul" + no bugs(at least for me) + very original idea(vertical maps instead of horizontal ones. I imagine you spent many hours making this + the "wayfinding" + great, immersive ambiance + more than one way to get there
A must have for every left 4 dead 2 fan. I played atleast a dozen other custom campaigns and i would place this as my number one all time favorite. Given the original nature of the vertical map design i could even say its better than half the campaigns Valve did. I really hope the author has the time and the will to continue developing this. Adding one more map between the socond one and the finale would make this a masterpiece
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