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Theatre of the Dead created by Aneurism.
This survival map is a multiplex theatre, featuring 4 theatres, a second floor food court, an arcade area, offices, party room, concession stand, projector rooms, etc. Lots of places to hold out! It's the first map of a campaign in the works. -Aneurism
Version: 1.3  (Final)
Last Updated: 11/04/09
Released: 11/04/09
Author: Aneurism
Publisher: Aneurism
Maps: 1
Map Size: Not Specified
Max Players: Not Specified
File: l4dtheatre.vpk  
Size: 21.5MB
Game: Left 4 Dead, L4D
Mode: Survival,
Last Updated: 11/04/09   Version: 1.3  (Final)    
Big, Many places to defend, great blue ambiance, awesome theater concept
The food court at the end features 3 order post, 2 of which are pretty much fake and plastered on the wall. Parking lots are very desolate.
This is officially my favorite Survival map due to its great size, and blueness in the main atrium. Plus the number of rooms is just pure awesomeness. The parking lot could use some more cars or some debris of some sort. The inside of the Theater makes up for that though.
yes, would be great to play this with the new special infected plus the new guns :-)
okay can you make this for l4d2 now
how did you make all of the movie posters as textures
i downloaded it to my comp but it's not showing up on my l4d game,what's going on?
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