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Solemn Blackout created by Richy221.
Deep in the woods you find uncharted land and underground areas where you try to escape from darkness and far much more all while trying to reaching civilization once more... was for jungle contest but ya.... Dont expect this to be great. this was one of the first campaigns i ever did and havent gotten around to polishing it up heavily yet. not sure when i will or if i even will. enjoy~
Version: 2.1  (Beta)
Last Updated: 10/14/10
Released: 10/14/10
Author: Richy221
Publisher: richy221
Maps: 2/2
Map Size: Not Specified
Max Players: Not Specified
File: SolemnBlackout.vpk  
Size: 34.8MB
Mode: Co-Op, Versus, Campaign,
Tagged: L4D2 Survivors,
Last Updated: 10/14/10   Version: 2.1  (Beta)    
• Custom Soundtrack • Great Concept and Design • [50/50] Interesting Finale Location • Detailed [Few Notable Areas]
• Flickering Torch Lights [Very Annoying] • Confusing Pathway • [50/50] Finale is a Little Frustrating • Bot Problem [Map 2]
More fun than expected, pretty confusing at the same time and the campaign feels very mediocre.
======= In general ======= + Nice design. + Water !! + A lot of medkits. + Supplies spread around more than enough. + Bot navigation was quite good. + Finale wasn't too bad either. + No need to give this up, dear author!
======= Map 2 ======= - AI navigation problems: getting close to rescue vehicle. - Music was crackling. =================== ======= Miscellaneous ======= - FPS drops. - Laggy. - Very short, let's say about 20 minutes. - Hate these flickering lights . . . . ========================
Well I really don't know why you are not updating this campaign. It isn't bad at all. Sure it's very short and has a lot of FPS drops, but its very good for people who love short campaigns. Honestly, I think you could add at least two more maps to this campaign, so that it get's even better. Don't give this thing up!
should i get this
-Great design -Good concept -Pretty challenging -Nice and dark -Bots weren't too bad
-Lag -Frame rate issues -Flickering lights -The forest at the start was horrible -Short
The start of the first chapter appeared rather boring, but it got much better when I entered the cave. The amazing design does not cancel out the continuous lag, frame rate issues and flickering lights (in the cave), which became rather annoying and made it hard to enjoy. If the lag, frame rate issues and flickering lights were fixed, I'd give it an 85 hands down. Overall not too bad.
Very dark, Something new Lots of water Lots of hights
Too short Finale was kind of dull Too many health kits, made it too easy
Very nice map, loved the new feel. Have not played many maps that are as dark as this. But at the same time to easy and too short
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