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GameMaps Left 4 Dead 2 Maps Absolute Zero
Absolute Zero created by Soul.
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BOTH VPKS REQUIRED ASSET VPK REQUIRED FOR SERVER HOST. A custom campaign based around a snowy landscape. 6 Coop/VS levels, 10 Survival levels. Project Zero Team: Soul - World Builder / Project Lead Dangerous Person - Project Helper [TSF] LordNitro|LTD - Project Helper Phrosty - Tester The Master - Tester Darkeyes - Concept Artist / Poster Traggey - Modeler / Voice Actor Adzstocko2k - Modeler TOG | K1CHWA - Texture Artist (Si Retexture) Balthazar - Texture Artist UGF-Harris - Texture Artist Kole - Levels 1 & 4 music Jeff Broadbent - Levels 3 & 5 / Tank music Q & C? Please let me know on Steam: Draugonian
Version: 0.9bf  (Beta)
Last Updated: 05/29/14
Released: 03/18/14
Author: Soul
Publisher: Soul
Maps: 5/6
Map Size: X-large
Max Players: 8
Size: 648.58MB
- The first and second levels are a lot of fun. - Difficulty is mostly fair. - Varied environments. - The gimmick with the witches on the 4th level is fun. - Custom music and voice overs are good. - The targets at the end of the 5th level was a cool addition. Something that really made us go O.o
- The elevator on the 3rd level is unfair on expert realism. Balanced for VS? - Difference in difficulty between the Jet event and the tank event on the 5th level is too great. Pretty much ended up just re-rolling the event on the 5th level to avoid having to deal with the tank event. - The 4th level is too long and too easy. Need to add something to make this more difficult. - Does boarding up the 4 windows on the 2nd level do anything?
We play expert and expert realism. Not really into VS. From a campaign viewpoint imo there are two things which I think are on the verge of being luck based. The elevator on the third level can dominate a team if the right si spawn at the right time. The tank event on the 5th level gets a little bit too interesting when the pair of tanks spawn. I understand that difficulty is what you are going for. The tank event is doable. But I feel like the elevator event on the 3rd level needs to be nerf'd slightly for expert realism. I dunno if you balance for VS. If so then these gripes are whatev. Fun campaign though!
*Nice and enjoying Co-op *Many ways to tell the stories *Detailed and well done with the texture *Long (but not too long) so it not boring *Nice to have a arctic campaign other than day and night by Valve *Most important fun to play
*The file size is big but i don't care cus i have strong PC *None other than... *Too Awesome
*Nice campaign man,I enjoy playing it from beginning to end. *Question: when you make an update should i download this or Asset?
- Arctic themed - Lots of custom content - Detailed design - More or less interesting layout - Fun to play, balanced difficulty-wise - Very long maps
- Many textures have unnecessary large resolutions - Audio is uncompressed, leaving them in hundreds of mb - Very repetetive layout on map 4 - Some things, like the large gate doors don't make any sense - Odd panic event with the computer screen stuck in the wall (???) - Many panic events have boring or no effects at all - The intro camera uses path_tracks and feels stiff - Improper distribution of level details - The infected skins
*This review is a conclusion made after playing the campaign around november* Definately a recommended campaign to play, despite its technical flaws. The infected skins bothered me a little, would've liked if they were optional. As for the audio, please use Microsoft APCDM if you're going for wav. Uncompressed PCM 16-bit is way too large.
Custom Textures Very Pretty Long Levels with lots of challenge Every level has a different level of difficulty involved Deadly on Expert Decently planned layout for items, weapons and ammo Melee! Great Versus Play
Other than the glitches I know soul is working on, not a whole lot to report here.
I have been entirely enamored with this map since I first laid eyes on it in l4dmaps and noticed it had the versus tag on it. The first time I tried to play it in versus it didn't work though, so I had to suffice with playing in campaign until he finished with that portion. Now that its reaching its final stages, its worth it for me to say that I'm glad he did. There isn't a single more original campaign in the l4d2 versus section. In fact I wish there were more that are just as creative as this one. I won't give it a perfect score, mostly for the brutality of playing it on expert, but I will say its as close to a perfect versus map as you can get.
- Beautiful design, very well laid out - Decent amount of events - Very challenging - Good supply of weapons, ammo, throwables and kits etc
- Glitchy armoured tank in map 5, though this may be just on our server due to conflicts with other addons, so will not deduct points
A really well designed campaign; looking forward to it being completed with the finale. I find it very challenging; you really have to work as a team. Props to the author for this excellent campaign.
Last Updated: 05/29/14 Version: 0.9bf  (Beta) Views: 243,045
I am working on the finale room, trying to add to it.. Also, I've gone and added back in some hazards. Not only is the entire 6th level the finale, a mobile finale, and as I say that I mean rooms become death traps with no way out but death if you take too long; now there are also hazards. See that steam coming out of that pipe? Hurts you. Fire suddenly lights up in front of you? Gotta go through it, don't take so long. Those spinning fans? Instant death. I really want this out by the end of August at the latest since it's my birth month and I want to mark it as done :) So.. keep your eyes and ears peeled! And get ready to RAGE!
please make finale as fast as you can!...
Finale is 100% done, minus the outtro, but going through a financial issue at the moment. Friends gf decided to hijack my credit card, so charging her and clearing my financial issues is coming ahead of mapping. But the testers are aware.
Finale is in the photos at the top of the page, most of the rooms are shown :) Finale room isn't (whole map is the finale though).
Good luck with that. Identity theft is scary business.
i cant get the finale to load properly. it wont load from playing normally and i had to type the map manually. i cant get the door to open so i can exit the transport. this map is broken! dont play this campaign!
No, you're just stupid -_- Finale isn't released yet lol.
l dan you a play see in the left for dead 2 in left for dead 1
I wish it could be all in 1 file because most ppl wont get into the hassel of downlading multiple files :/
I wish valve didn't limit vpk size to 1.5 gigs.
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