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Slope created by Billy Hallden.
My entry for the Winter Map Contest. I tried to make the gameplay more interesting by making a rush to the top survival mode and the scavenge mode requires some teamplay and use of the lift to get all cans down. * Add-on Support Required *
Version: 3.0  (Complete)
Last Updated: 08/26/10
Released: 08/26/10
Author: Billy Hallden
Publisher: Billiz
Maps: 1
Map Size: Not Specified
Max Players: Not Specified
File: slope.vpk  
Size: 28.26MB
Mode: Survival, Scavenge,
Tagged: L4D2 Survivors,
Last Updated: 08/26/10   Version: 3.0  (Complete)    
Just wanted to say that this map is really beautiful. It really puts me in a good mood. It feels like I'm actually there, but instead, I'm at home with the A/C on max.
Yay! A snow campaign! Was hoping Valve would make one but here's one!
Considering the fact that L4D2 takes place in Georgia, that wouldn't make any sense.
-fun -slope -cool -lift -AWESOME -good skybox -snow -hills
-Lift gets stuck sometimes -Lack of cover -too many glitches i found 3
Fun map but could use some work.
Excellent simple design The use of the lift Every single supply is used, however scattered around the map Its snowing Nice snow texture, appealing to look at You can start and stop the lift Nice use of foliage at times The freezer room causes you to lose health to discourage camping It includes scavenge mode Good skybox Nice use of lighting Great textures
Invisible walls in the middle of the map can be annoying Out of Bounds spit appears sometimes You can glitch onto the boxes in the freezer If you stray to far on the Chair lift you can glitch your bench. Radio start would be better then a scavenge start for survival Endless horde The hut with the pipe bomb and boomer bile is easy to miss By stopping the lift, as long as you have a sniper, you can get 10 minutes easily Not enough foliage You should slow down going up the hill rather then same speed as going down (walking that is)
A great map and one I always come back to, certainly has to be my most played custom map, thanks for the great map and hope you return to adress these issues, otherwise its a flawless map.
-Big size -Lift -Weapons -Great lighting -Great textures
-Lift gets stuck sometimes -Lack of cover -Endless hordes - GIVE THE SURVIVORS A TIME TO REST
Its a really great map, but there are a few bugs though, but I was really impressed at the size and textures. I really had fun playing this map, especially when shooting zombies from the lift. But I think a radio or something that makes noise would be nice to trigger the horde instead of going outside the spawn area, so the survivors could have time to explore. I really loved the map.
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