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GameMaps Left 4 Dead Maps Mc Donald's
Mc Donald's created by MonsterShit, Jkratyo.
Reviews (22)
This is Mcdonald's. 'Defend' from inside the restaurant, or die. <<< .........L4D1 Survival MEDICAL SUPPORT + UFO MADNESS AT 10 MIN UPDATED to v1.10 23/8/11 Map is also avaible for l4d2 (ported by Gustavo De Oliveira)
Version: 1.10  (Final)
Last Updated: 08/22/11
Released: 08/22/11
Author: MonsterShit, Jkratyo
Publisher: cornholio
Maps: 1
Map Size: Not Specified
Max Players: Not Specified
File: l4d_sv_mg1.vpk  
Size: 11.78MB
Game: Left 4 Dead, L4D
Mode: Survival,
Tagged: easy,
.lots of camping spots .menu is not blurry .a SAFE ROOM very very creative nice thinking .not too easy but a great test. .a UFO .great graphics.
.minigun in bad spot
this is an outstanding survival map good everything nice job doing a replica of mcdonalds i dont know why its only rated 8.0. i give it 9.9 definetly check it out
Safe Room Too ;:O Nice Map Layout. Perfect Menus (Not Blurry and readable). A UFO!?!?!?!? I love how the pilot comes to bring you supplies from the air. The pilot is actually there and has a reason to not pick you up.
This Map Is Great, I love it. This should be turned into a campaign finale map. The ending should be that, you find an employee and he's just an ordinary survivor like the others and you all sit back in McDonalds and eat away some burgers. Then leave it as a weird but suprising ending ;:D. But i would really love it if someone took this map and turned it into a special campaign :) it's great. Makes Left 4 Dead Worth Playing. P.S: Do you think its possible to port this map to Left 4 Dead 2, Im pretty sure others would appreciate this too :) .
-good map -just the right size -i like it -good supplies -fun -BIG MACS
-Some are errors
- can the error be fixed? but i loved the map
Great atmosphere Ammo and weapons are well placed
A light graphic error where the customers are sitting. When you look at it it looks purple/pink.
The funniest survival map I ever played. It is really worth trying. And playing ist ... again ...and again ... and again
Great Survival Map Heaps Scary Great Fun
Graphics Don't look that great
This is my one of the best survival maps I've ever played Perfect for Co-op and lots of fun and one more thing DOWNLOAD THIS MAP NOW!!!
Last Updated: 08/22/11 Version: 1.10  (Final) Views: 265,263
how do u start playing ????
does this work on single player?
yes that work in single player and multipile player
How many Boomers are in this map?
As far as the eye can see
is this left 4 dead 2 the one threw steam or the on threw cd which u instal it, does it work if u download it and use it for the CD one iam not sure if its the same i just wanna know, if its the same and if can work in both
and i dont get how to download it so plz someone teech me how to do it
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