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Pokemon Tank created by Miky200.
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Smal custom music made by me.Copyright is go for Nintendo.
Version: 1.0  (Final)
Last Updated: 08/14/11
Released: 08/14/11
Author: Miky200
Publisher: Miky200
File: pokemon tank.vpk  
Size: 31.59MB
Game: Left 4 Dead, L4D
makes people i show it to laugh gives a nostalgic feeling it is a good indication that a tank is near
there aren't really any skins to fit with this mod for tank
i love it personally , now if anybody would make a pokemon skin for the tank (except the missingno. one i saw earlyer) that would make it perfect.
- Nice Music - Good timing.
Maybe can e good yes you put a skin of pokemon to the tank thats looks good.
Nice MOD I vote the best i can give ;)
+ Pokemon is awesome. + Cool idea, but badly executed... (see cons and conclusion)
- Music is a little low, couldn't hear it over the actual Tank. - I was honestly expecting Gen. 3 - 4 wild Pokemon battle music, but that's only me. (nothing taken off of final score) - Music just didn't seem to fit, but I couldn't really hear it to make this a solid con.
The idea is genius, I applaud you for this. The title is misleading... I would turn up the music volume a little bit, so you can hear it. I was also wondering if you were going to port this to Left 4 Dead 2, I'd use it if the volume was higher. My music volume is all the way up, and I could not hear it. I was also wondering if you were thinking about making different Pokemon battle music mods for the Tank, but different songs, that'd be pretty cool, IMO. I'll give you an 85 / 100 for your effort.
-Pokemon music -Awesome idea
-It's only music.
You need to specify in your title that this is just music, not a complete sound pack for the Tank. Other than that, it's great. Made me laugh a little because I have the Demonik Tank sounds. It sounded really funny.
Last Updated: 08/14/11 Version: 1.0  (Final) Views: 32,212
can you make this a Horde theme for L4D2
prob dumb question but does this work in L4D2?
i was wondering if you could do a mod like this but with the ocarina of time mini boss theme for l4d 1 or 2 (i dont care, id prefer both if its not a problem)
ive got arnold for my tank and iam giving him a pokemon theme tune lol
ooo i know the tank can be a pokemon fan!
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