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I Hate Mountains 2 created by IHM Team.
Survivors crashed their bus in an utility pole of a dark forest while fleeing. They must now find their way through the spooky North American mountains. The campaign includes a dense forest, a huge mansion, an underground complex, a coast road and its lumberyard and finally, a lakeside finale.
Version: 1.5  (Final)
Last Updated: 10/16/11
Released: 10/16/11
Author: IHM Team
Publisher: NykO18
Maps: 5/5
Map Size: Not Specified
Max Players: Not Specified
File: ihatemountains2.vpk  
Size: 254.95MB
Mode: Co-Op, Versus, Campaign,
Last Updated: 10/16/11   Version: 1.5  (Final)    
Made very beautiful and atmospheric. Good balance. You can play again and again to get more pleasure. Conclusion: This is one of the best cards that should be at each.
one of the best map
+ Good Atmosphere + Good Balance from the leves + it is not to short + very fun to play with friends
- None
Thats how a Left 4 Dead map should be !!! ^^
@gamegeek81 you need Valve's Missing Content Fix.
-Levels were pretty nice -Atmosphere was cool -Fun to play with friends
-It feels like that your extremely limited to where you go. Invisible barriers everywhere. -Some floating items? -The ending was bugged, had a bot get on the glitched boat first so I knew where to go. - Confusing places? -Tons of items, it made the campaign less fun -The chopper in the 2nd level flew off without the survivors getting in so I had to return to the lobby to skip it? (Not sure if there was another path to get to a saferoom) - Missing textures and models?
It's an alright campaign, but I feel that its way to buggy.
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