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GameMaps Left 4 Dead 2 Mods Mudwoman Rochelle
Mudwoman Rochelle created by PappasKurtz.
Reviews (4)
Rochelle tries a less urbane spa treatment... This model features Rochelle in a more liberal outfit inspired by the 'mud men' uncommon infected from Swamp Fever.
Version: 2.0  (Complete)
Last Updated: 08/21/11
Released: 08/21/11
Author: PappasKurtz
Publisher: PappasKurtz
File: mudwoman_rochelle.vpk  
Size: 12.05MB
The hair goes with Rochelle's character The top is adorable LOVE the Pedicure Very stylish belt and capris
Would like to see sandles on just for the sake of logic (that would be painful to travel so far without any shoes)
This skin is my official default skin for Rochelle! I can see this becoming a trend in the near future with other outfits and such. Really tremendous work.
- It's Rochelle! - I really like her hair, like everybody else! - The shirt is unique - Pedicure!
- I wish she was wearing some sort of shoes, like flip-flops to show off her pedicure and still have the spa look - Doesn't really match mud-men theme too much, but I don't care anyways. :P - Her body looks a little oddly shaped - Maybe you could remove the fuzzy, papery-looking texture around the base of her ponytail? Because it doesn't really match the longer hair.
I really like this mod, but like alot of people I wish you also uploaded another mod that just changed the hair.
Great design eyes work Facial works Barefoot
pants instead of shorts not all sides and tops of feet are muddy shes not that muddy in my opinion
good mod, made me like rochelle a lot more. but zoey is still better
- Well made (bare feet must have been tricky). - Love what you did with her hair. It's not as long (and potentially glitchy animation-wise) as her beta hair, but it's a ton prettier than her final hair. - Full facial animation. - Still reads well as Rochelle by sillouhette and colour scheme.
- To me her eyes just looked a LITTLE off. Slightly glazed over maybe? I'll retract this if I play again and find it was just dodgy lighting. - I think her top could be cut a little higher. That's just my fashion taste though, too low-cut looks silly to me for some reason, lol. I'm not retracting any points for that mentally or anything.
Just like Hard Hat Ellis, a fun idea and very well made. Only retracted a few points off Hard Hat Ellis due to the eyes, but again, I'll edit my review if I notice that problem doesn't repeat itself.
Last Updated: 08/21/11 Version: 2.0  (Complete) Views: 45,030
i just want the hair ahhaha !!
That hair, is like the beta!
Could you please add a version of her with shoes or sandals? Just bare feet kinda ruins this skin for me. But I still use it.
Wow, the hair is so cool, you should make some long dreadlocks for Ro :D
can you make rochelle mod that replaces vanilla hair with that hair if you please
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