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Mudwoman Rochelle created by PappasKurtz.
Rochelle tries a less urbane spa treatment... This model features Rochelle in a more liberal outfit inspired by the 'mud men' uncommon infected from Swamp Fever.
Version: 2.0  (Complete)
Last Updated: 08/21/11
Released: 08/21/11
Author: PappasKurtz
Publisher: PappasKurtz
File: mudwoman_rochelle.vpk  
Size: 12.05MB
Last Updated: 08/21/11   Version: 2.0  (Complete)    
i just want the hair ahhaha !!
That hair, is like the beta!
Could you please add a version of her with shoes or sandals? Just bare feet kinda ruins this skin for me. But I still use it.
Wow, the hair is so cool, you should make some long dreadlocks for Ro :D
can you make rochelle mod that replaces vanilla hair with that hair if you please
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