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GTA IV sounds pack created by Sonic1993.
Remplace weapons sounds from GTA IV for pistols, magnum, SMG, silenced SMG, shotgun (classic & chrome), automatic shotgun (not SPAS), M4, AK47 *New from 1.1* Reward sounds and item pickup also remplaced Watch my video for hear it More in new version
Version: 1.1  (Beta)
Last Updated: 07/14/11
Released: 07/14/11
Author: Sonic1993
Publisher: sonic1993
File: gta iv sounds pack.vpk  
Size: 3.36MB
Last Updated: 07/14/11   Version: 1.1  (Beta)    
I don't like the GTAIV-sounds, I modified those as well.
But would you know where I could find the sound of the, basically, default shotgun of The Lost & Damned? Cause that sound is pretty awesome.
This mod worked for one server round, and then stopped working. I don't know why.
Why are people complaining? The weapons in GTA IV uses sounds from REAL LIFE weapons, so does the Left 4 Dead 2 ones.
I'm fairly certain you've never fired a firearm of any kind in your life. Or even played with fireers.
-great sounds,mod works good -sounds didnt annoy me after long time of playing -love especialy SMG sounds
-snipers rifles,M60,spas,GL wasnt edited -pick up sound is a bit annoying but it could get use to it
If you love GTA4 I highly recommend this mod,shotgun sounds are a bit lame but the rest is better than original Imho. I would like to hear edited sniper sniper rifles if is it possible or some music from GTA4, for example when you finish campain it would play the gta main theme...neverless..keep up the good work
The sound of Magnum pistol is great.
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