Left 4 Dead 2
Left 4 Dead 2 is a single-player and multiplayer co-operative survival horror FPS game.
Left 4 Dead 2 : Nick Ryu Hayabusa
Tagged Survivors Nick Miscellaneous Gaming nick_haya.vpk
Updated: 07/28/11
This is a ninja character for Nick. Show More
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The Python Revolver as the Desert Eagle. Special Thanks to arby26 for the original Revolver. Animations, sounds, reload holder: Arby26 Model:...
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Thank you for everyone that gave their love to the new Deathcraft II Campaign. I greatly appreciate the support. So thank you all for the many...
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The Zilla Enterprises Z45 Katana from Shadow Warrior (2013) now is on arms of survivors! Cut and dismember zombies! Replaces Katana Credits:...
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Kirito from Sword Art Online. Excuse the lowpolyness, the model was ripped from the psp game, Sword Art Online : Infinity Moment. Nick versi...
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Hello! And LETS CELEBRATE THE 23TH Touhou Music Mod Installment in Left 4 Dead 2!! YYAAAAYY! Now Im Going to Post this a Very Special Mod to m...
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M16 replaces the Military Sniper/MSG90A1 on ImBrokeRU's ported animations. IMPORTANT If you want to use the particles, download the particles...
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This will replace Bill with Alisa Boskonovitch from Tekken... Alisa Bosconovitch is an android created by Doctor Boskonovitch she has pink hai...
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* Replaces the Machete. * Features: - Customized HD textures, phong, etc. - Custom overlapping texture animations & 'sine' fading. - Transpa...
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QBZ-95 which adopted CrossFire gunfire sound,made in China!This weapon named "Special Warfare Elite". With cool camo, just for Chinese players...
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It's the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and they're about to kick the shell out of some zombies! >:D The turtle brothers include FPS arms and ...
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1st thing 1st - big thanx to mr lankey for bringing original model and texture to l4d2! this would not be possible with out his original rele...
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--Replacing the Chrome Shotgun-- --contains custom hud icon-- --Contains custom sounds. Uses Autoshotgun boltback/boltforward sound (it will...
Author BTB/IW/Sledgehammer Games/Activision
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