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Final Fantasy Music Pack created by Astindan.
Just a soundpack replacing music with different songs from Final Fantasy. I don't expect high reviews as I was just bored when I do this. It is not finished, but will be really quick here. Will update every so often when I update a lot of sounds. Sounds will be in changelog.
Version: 0.5  (Beta)
Last Updated: 07/20/11
Released: 07/20/11
Author: Astindan
Publisher: Astindan
File: final fantasy soundpack.vpk  
Size: 106.75MB
Tagged: Audio,
Last Updated: 07/20/11   Version: 0.5  (Beta)    
I like your choice of the credit theme songs~ :3
Any chance you could make that a separate mod itself?
-nice old final fantasy music -fits very good into L4D2
-a bit too....nintendo...don't know how to say this :D
good work, i can recommend it to everyone, also to no-final-fantasy-fans sorry for bad english, i'm german
Is there any other music you could change except the SI little music ?
Do you just put it in the add-on folder?
Awesome music pack man! One thing though. Could you make the song for whenever you beat a chapter of the campaign longer.
I can't make it longer than the original.
Or else it would just cause some problems and screw up the sounds.
The original. Where did you get the song from. I want to say Dissidia but I'm not sure.
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