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Call of Duty MW2 weapons sound pack (no bleeps) created by Spybreak001/gutko.
This is modified COD MW2 weapon sound pack originally made by Spybreak001 Differences are: -All reload sounds are reverted back to original L4D2 to get rid of ear destroying bleeps. -Pistol,Deagle and AK47 are original L4D2 - they sound better imho. Check the video, have bleepless fun!
Version: 1.1  (Complete)
Last Updated: 02/04/12
Released: 02/04/12
Author: Spybreak001/gutko
Publisher: gutko
File: cod_mw2_l4d2_weapons.vpk  
Size: 6.53MB
Tagged: Audio, Weapon,
Last Updated: 02/04/12   Version: 1.1  (Complete)    
- Good, high quality sounds - The M16 Sound works well with the Afghan M4 Assault Rifle
- On certain maps/weapons, when you do certain actions (Shoot, reload, equip etc.) it will result in a weird and annoying 'beep' sound. For example, when I reload the assault rifle, once reloaded it will beep.
Overall, the sounds are great, but this 'beep' bug is really annoying. It's the pinnacle of me uninstalling this mod. If the beeps were removed, I'd give it a 10.
Most weapon mods sounds like shit. You know why?! Because most people don't used multiple randomly played sounds. I've made one like this (probably first good sound mod) about year ago, but some smart guys said it can be virus in my pack. Here link to video review. Rate if it's good work.
you need to learn what does it mean to be assertive. come back later after you do it
Hey calebscanland, Before posting this mod here me and my friend were using it for a week (3-4 games per day) with no bleeps. If you say it makes pistol sound bad it must be something on your side because this mod DOES NOT CONTAIN ANY FILES RELATIVE TO PISTOL. Check your other mods for problems before posting inaccurate info next time.
I did i deleted every mod exept that one and i tried it and it still did that STARWARS pistol sound i never got that sound mod...
Do what Mateo said, and then type snd_updateaudiocache. Some sound packs have gunfire sounds that include sound effects for the shells falling, but because the normal gunfire sounds don't include those, you wouldn't hear them otherwise.
Yes I have tried rebuild and update commands but with no effect. For some reason bleeps are back after change of the map in campaign - only for reloading. Gunfire sounds were never affected - no matter with shells falling or not. Tested on two different pc's with same result. This is the reason I have altered Spybreak001's mod.
I, too, have tried snd_updateaudiocache and snd_rebuildaudiocache but still have no effect. Some people from another forum said that those commands (maybe except snd_rebuildaudiocache, I don't know for sure) are useless since The Passing update.

Some also analyzed that the bleep sounds are caused because of the difference of time between the original sound and the mod sound. So if the mod sound is shorter than the original sound, it will cause the bleeps.

Btw, these info aren't mine, I just found them in the internet when I'm trying to find the fix for the magnum reloading sound (that originally use pistol sound) in the campaign map using Dr Hauss magnum sound fix script .It works for addon campaign, but still no success in official campaign. I'm currently still trying to find the solution for it.
Some Left 4 Dead servers actually revert your mods to off and won't let you use custom weapons or skins.
When that happens, it also breaks your sound cache whilst playing; Making the bleeps happen. All you need to do is join a server that does not remove any mods.
They definitely aren't useless, you're either trying to play in a server that doesn't support inconsistent files, or it's a problem with your audio file, which shouldn't be the case since they are spybreak's, but I think they have to have a certain bit rate to work, otherwise they'll mess up and sometimes just be really low pitch and slow. I can't explain that though.
My goal was to be able to play with those gunfire sound effects anywhere and heave them always with me without bugs no matter what server I play. Looking for special servers only to have my mod working misses the point and is waste of time imho.
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