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GameMaps Left 4 Dead 2 Mods Painis Cupcake for Hunter
Painis Cupcake for Hunter created by Vincentor.
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Something i created in spare time, replaces the Hunter's sounds to Painis Cupcake's lines. Video coming soon. Please check changelog first. Installation: put the .vpk into your addons folder. If you double click on the .vpk , i don't guarantee it will work. I prefer putting it into addons.
Version: 0.6  (Beta)
Last Updated: 08/08/11
Released: 08/08/11
Author: Vincentor
Publisher: Vincentor0
File: painiscupcake_hunter.vpk  
Size: 11.28MB
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Last Updated: 08/08/11 Version: 0.6  (Beta) Views: 12,381
can you make a pains cupcake replacer for the witch? its a sound mod out but no model
download it at www(.)l4dmaps(.)com/details.php?file=21951
He says his lines very slowly, is it supposed to do that?
Yes, i suppose you can fix that by running snd_rebuildaudiocache in console, then wait a while until it's done.
Damn it!
Now whos going to kill Painis Cupcake with bottles!?
Currently working on
Sorry for this uncomplete sentence, what i tried to say was, I'm working on a replacement for the hunter with a hunter-skinned soldier model from Team Fortress 2.
He used a portal from TF2 to L4D2.

.....we are all doomed.
Nope, He had Vagineer build him a Teleporter from Tf2 -----> L4D2
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