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Left 4 Dead
Left 4 Dead is a singleplayer and multiplayer cooperative survival horror FPS game.
Today's Top Mods
07.07.13 Feedback 35
Replaces the current intro with the Sacrifice trailer More >
Author L4D-Pro
Game Left 4 Dead

2 Nazi mercenary Corps Francis
09.27.16 Feedback 0
Nazi mercenary Corps Francis. More >
Author K1CHWA/Richard/Jack.Cedric
Game Left 4 Dead

3 G36k rifle for l4d
02.07.12 Feedback 28
this is a mod i found for l4d1 i dont know hoo did it all i did is vpk the fi... More >
Author Chew-az
Game Left 4 Dead

4 l4d1_coke_cola_for_pain_pills_1.0
03.14.16 Feedback 1
This skin is not mine,original author is"K1CHWA",i just remake this mod to L4... More >
Author Splinks/MrLanky/ Urik/K1CHWA/Jack.Cedric
Game Left 4 Dead

5 Dialogue Vocalizer
09.27.16 Feedback 18
It's extended and amended by New Day Modified talker, originally artwork from... More >
Author Morning Nine Nine & New Day
Game Left 4 Dead

6 m4a1 cs-go
04.27.16 Feedback 9
Assault rifle m4a1 from the game counter strike global offensive More >
Author Valve
Game Left 4 Dead

7 Colt M4A1 Ris Camo
Audio Weapons
06.19.16 Feedback 8
Animations by ImBrokeRU, model/textures/idle/walk/melee/aim-up/aim-down by ar... More >
Author arby26/miztaegg/ImBrokeRU
Game Left 4 Dead

8 CS:GO --- AK-47 Vulcan
Audio Weapons
08.19.16 Feedback 5
CS:GO AK-47 Vulcan replaces rifle. More >
Author BoomerSTEAM/dani1341/VALVe/CombatBowl/John.Wick/Jack.Cedric
Game Left 4 Dead

9 pain pills_Monster Energy
Audio Items
08.20.16 Feedback 0
pain pills_Monster Energy,and i remake the materials to the Luminous version. More >
Author Splinks/MrLankey/Urik Kane/K1CHWA/BoomerSTEAM/Jack.Cedric
Game Left 4 Dead

10 Ar1960 Assault Rifle Wolfenstein The New Order
Audio Weapons
08.23.16 Feedback 4
Wolfenstein: The New Order Assault Rifle 1960 replacement for L4D1 Rifle. Mo... More >
Author Bethesda Softworks,Xenecrite,BoomerSTEAM
Game Left 4 Dead

Today's Top Left 4 Dead
6 Maps Co-Op Campaign
04.01.12 Feedback 151
Now playable in L4D2. The survivors were just trying to use the toilet but so... More >
Author Groginhof
Game Left 4 Dead

2 DeadCity Campaign
6 Maps Co-Op Survival Versus
10.23.10 Feedback 146
Kill plenty of zombies starting in RiverSide (city) then battling through the... More >
Author ilcannibal
Game Left 4 Dead

3 Death Aboard
5 Maps Co-Op Survival Versus
08.20.11 Feedback 225
In Death Aboard you start out in a prison and work your way out to the neares... More >
Author Diputs
Game Left 4 Dead

4 City 17
5 Maps Co-Op Versus Campaign
12.27.10 Feedback 281
Get to the trainstation, to escape from City 17. Contains hidden combines and... More >
Author Mixmedia
Game Left 4 Dead

5 No Mercy APOCALYPSE 6.0
6 Maps Co-Op Campaign
10.08.15 Feedback 10
***This map was stolen for L4D2*** Sherriff Huckleberry(kevin) even claim to... More >
Author rombu
Game Left 4 Dead

6 Suicide Blitz
5 Maps Co-Op Survival Versus
11.24.10 Feedback 465
Survivors must make their way through an infected city to escape the zombie a... More >
Author R.T. Frisk
Game Left 4 Dead

7 Back to school - The First Cut
6 Maps Co-Op Versus Campaign
07.21.09 Feedback 164
Development of new L4D1 version of Back To School campaign is on hold for now... More >
Author [email protected], romasm
Game Left 4 Dead

8 We Don't Go To Ravenholm
4 Maps Co-Op Survival Versus
06.24.10 Feedback 136
This is a port of the Ravenholm maps from Half Life 2. This is NOT original ... More >
Author Valve ported by warplane11
Game Left 4 Dead

9 Witch Hunter
4 Maps Co-Op Campaign
01.12.14 Feedback 237
Our survivors wake up in Aperture, They realize scientists there use them as ... More >
Author Tisa
Game Left 4 Dead

10 Deathcraft (L4D1) V1.1
5 Maps Co-Op Survival
02.11.12 Feedback 645
As the last minecarts leave the town, the survivors are forced to find anothe... More >
Author Special KBS/Bindal/Mojang/C418
Game Left 4 Dead

Silver 1911
By Fallout
Updated: 07/30/11
I did not make this. Fallout did.

Just hope you enjoy.

Details: Metal is now Silver with a Black Grip.

Look at the changelog on for mod for installation instructions.
Changelog (v1 Final)
Embed / BBCode
Tagged Weapons Pistols silver 1911.vpk
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