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Variety Survivors Pack: Cutie Pie created by arby26.
Part of my a model pack of 4 totally different characters as the survivors. Made for creativity and a different feel! Based on custom character concepts. 'The Cutie-Pie' - Replaces Rochelle
Version: 1.0  (Complete)
Last Updated: 08/14/11
Released: 08/14/11
Author: arby26
Publisher: arby26
File: vsp_ro_replace.vpk  
Size: 8.64MB
Last Updated: 08/14/11   Version: 1.0  (Complete)    
Could you perhaps make world at war nazi zombies survivors (us soldiers)
-Apocalyptic survivor concept -Nice texture -Animation face -Nice Fps and 3nd person view -Icon -Tactical gilet -Gloves
It's a really plaisant replacement of original survivor, thanks for this mod it's cool to play with this ^^
yeah..this is ONLY a visual difference and there's no pictures?
just saying that picture is freaking weird
+ New person + Drop dead gorgeous + Looks like a real person + Rochelle's voice actually goes well with "Cutie" + A relief from Ro
- Name is still "Rochelle" [Might want to give her a name, or maybe Cutie could work] - Lip sinc felt a little bit off (Honestly though, it could just be me...)
I highly recommend this mod if anyone is sick of Rochelle, doesn't want Zoey, and/or wants something a bit new. I love it and I plan on using this mod for a long time. Keep up the great work! :D
+ New survivor. + Nice hair, looks better on her than on Zoey. + Really nice gloves, they look pretty realistic. + HUD, Lobby and incap images included. + I like her outfit, looks good on her.
- Her eyes and ears seem a little too big. - 1.5 - Her lips seem very tense, and almost look like they're always very slightly open. Creepy. - 0.5 - No name change. I wish it called her "Cutie Pie," instead of "Rochelle." - 0.5
Better than Rochelle...
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