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Liara - (replaces Rochelle) created by ?????.
Ready for a crossover of awesomeness, well here it is Ladies and Gentlemen. Liara from Mass Effect is here to kick out Rochelle from the equation and join L4D2
Version: 1  (Final)
Last Updated: 08/05/11
Released: 08/05/11
Author: ?????
Publisher: MrLanky
File: Rochelle - Alien Girl.vpk  
Size: 2.06MB
Last Updated: 08/05/11   Version: 1  (Final)    
Plz make this skin for zoey
cant for the life of me get the skin working, i have Sheppard and Jacob, but liara and garrus will not work, any ideas?
Looks great, can play as an Asari while killing zombies!

Rochelle's voice is no more annoying than the rest of the survivors! :P
Now if only we had mass effect weapon replacements...
+ Pretty good detail. + The Pros of being Liara T'soni.
- Character is a bit too stary. - Still Rochelle's annoying voice. - Still Rochelle's name.
For the most part, it is completely Liara. I'll mention the few points for improvement in my opinion. Firstly, the eyes. The character seems to have unusually wide eyes, which makes her stare quite a bit, even more so when she dies. You can change the name of the character from Rochelle to Liara in the Lobbies. The voice is annoyingly still Rochelle, but little you can do about that. Also, I believe the skin to be a bit too small, but that's just another minor detail which many may disagree with me on. Other than the eyes, I believe this to be almost perfect. If the eyes were tweaked, I might give this 9/10
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