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GameMaps Left 4 Dead 2 Mods Black Label Society Francis Body
Black Label Society Francis Body created by K1CHWA.
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Seemed like a good fit for francis. this version has leather vest with blue jeans. i made a custom normal to give patches/sleeves depth, denim effect and leather its luster. please dont redistribute my custom textures/ original and make something on your own
Version: 1.4  (Complete)
Last Updated: 09/30/13
Released: 09/30/13
Author: K1CHWA
Publisher: k1chwa
File: francis body_bls_l4d2.vpk  
Size: 6.31MB
New Tattoos! Excellent mapping. Patches and labels don't look like they were just slapped on; but applied.
None come to mind.
Currently the Francis skin I use (Sorry Cop Francis, no more TV stealing for you), and it's great! It got rid of the over-tattooing and gives Francis a more genuine "I can kick your ass" look. And I'm actually glad it's not Hell's Angels, they are over-washed as a Motorcycle Gang, more of a label than anything now.
-realistic idea -nicely exectuted
-not hells angel lol
great reskin man nice one, how bout hells angel or heavons hellions?
Great detail Feels and looks canon Bump mapped!
None that I could find
Great skin. Honestly if I didn't know any better I'd say Valve themselves could have made this. Nice job.
Fits with the original character The looks New tattoos
Pretty awesome skin... Nothing more, nothing less
Great fit for Franny Awesome detail Really cool looking
You have major skills dude. Keep it upppp
Last Updated: 09/30/13 Version: 1.4  (Complete) Views: 31,565
Do you think it'd be possible to create a version of Francis who belonged to the Overkill MC from the Payday games? All I think it'd really involve is stealing one of the jackets from said game and overwriting Francis' with it. :)
Aw yeah, this is the look for Francis. Although it's hard to pick between this one (or the Denim-version) and the Lone Wolf one. Cause I like the Lone Wolf one being being related to a band or anything, but I could easily see Francis wearing all this Black Label stuff. Hah.
Too bad to read you're fed up with modding cause you're good at it, specifically the skins. You deserve the credit indeed.
I saw this and as a Metal Head I was amused even though I'm not into the band (but I like Zakk Wilde), However I think a Pantera Far Beyond Driven tee would be more ideal ;D. I don't expect this to be made, but merely voicing my 2 cents.
Can you make a version without the custom incapatitaion icon because it interfers with another mod I have
great i like it bcs i got school jacket and i had the same patch has him on the back :D
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