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Variety Survivors Pack: The Soldier created by arby26.
Part of my a model pack of 4 totally different characters as the survivors. Made for creativity and a different feel! Based on custom character concepts. 'The (Former) Soldier' - Replaces Coach
Version: 1.0  (Complete)
Last Updated: 08/14/11
Released: 08/14/11
Author: arby26
Publisher: arby26
File: vsp_co_replace.vpk  
Size: 8.27MB
Tagged: Survivors, Coach,
Last Updated: 08/14/11   Version: 1.0  (Complete)    
-Apocalyptic survivor concept -Nice texture -Animation face -Nice Fps and 3nd person view -Icon -Desert armor and helmet
-nan XD
Really plaisant replacement of coach nice job and thanks fort his ^^
- Light Desert Camo Design assists in easy identification of survivor to ensure no sudden friendly fire on mistake. - He's no Bill. But he's a good enough soldier to play as. - Coaches voice suits him, giving pep-talk and teamwork like attitude. - No Bugs or Glitches
- That face ... - Body shape (or the armor) looks awkward. Unless it wasn't ment to be a 100% match to Coach's body. - Nothing else I can really comment on. It all seems okay.
A suitable selection to choose from, since if they had to recall the Desert Scar rifles to the US, The Soldiers too would follow. Though I would still prefer Coach in this gear, rather than this dude. The body armor could be a bit more worn out to match the other damaged attire the survivors wear. But all in all, a interesting pick.
A chef for Nick maybe?
I'm probably going to go back and redo the faces at some point.
and still its a black guy some1 ever consider an asian guy...mexican...eskimo mayb
Eskimo survivors. :o
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