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Desert Storm Weapons Pack created by Enzocool98/ARBY26.
A pack of three reskins. -Desert Storm M4 Super -Desert Storm M19 BlackFox -Desert Storn MSG90 HUGE CREDIT goes to arby26 for the base textures of the m19 and the M19 model. Features light desert camos, scratches, matte parts and new normals.
Version: 1  (Beta)
Last Updated: 10/27/11
Released: 10/27/11
Author: Enzocool98/ARBY26
Publisher: enzocool98
File: desert storm weapons pack.vpk  
Size: 6.47MB
Tagged: Weapon Packs, Weapons,
Last Updated: 10/27/11   Version: 1  (Beta)    
I don't really care for the m4 super skin, it doesn't blend well with the other spray painted looking weapons. Personally I don't really like the newer tactical skins on this game though. I replaced the SCAR with a FAMAS skin and wish I could get a G36 skin for the M16. Other than that though I love the rest of the desert storm packs. Thanks.
could you just realese the blackfox by itself?
Actually i love the M19 blackfox
awesome weapon camos loved the m16 makes it even beter with my sound pack
whenver i fire the m16 my screen tends to shake a bit it's very anoying when fighting zombies in tigh spaces
this is a very awesome weapon mod you desserve the 100
IT'S NOT AN MSG90! IT'S A Hekkler & Koch G3SG1
AMEN! Finally someone knows what a gun is. thumbs up
Nope. Not at all, buttdance. On the L4D2 wiki page (and ALSO by the developers of L4D2), the Military Sniper is modeled after the HK-91 Sniper Rifle, which was developed/created by gun manufacturer Hechler and Koch.
meryl is right its a hk91
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