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GameMaps Left 4 Dead 2 Mods Yoko Ritona
Yoko Ritona created by Mr Lanky.
Reviews (7)
**Updated with some basic jigglebones - let me know any issues with them** **Also no longer invisible-at least not for me. I tested it. promise. it worked. i peed a little** A well known anime girlie converted for play in l4d2. No facial anims, custom anims. But she does have her lobby pics, etc. Enjoy! FPS Arms added now too. :) **Update 2 - with some help from leilei I've discovered that this model is originally from mikumiku dance by a person named Kakomiki. finally we know where it came from(and he has other cool stuff too!) yay!
Version: 0.3  (Complete)
Last Updated: 05/02/12
Released: 05/02/12
Author: Mr Lanky
Publisher: MrLanky
File: rochelle_yoko ritona.vpk  
Size: 2.77MB
- It's freaking Yoko - The fanservice isn't overdone, as in she doesn't have a huge underboobing chest like her typical fanart does. it's shockingly tasteful as far as fanart goes - First person arms - Looks great with a sniper rifle
- Eyes aren't actual Source eyes, leading to zbuffer problems, specular anomalies (see screenshot #1) and general lifelessness as the eyes are stuck forward - A lack of jigglebones, which is bad for a character FAMOUS for her jiggling tendencies. - Boots are too short - Knees aren't defined well in the weights, so it makes her legs appear banana-bending like. - No facial flex morph targets - A bit of misattribution, i mean I don't really know who originally made this model.
It's Yoko.
-Yoko > Rochelle -Lobby/incapped image changed to fit -Arms work perfectly
-Glowy white eyes when hit with the flashlight
A really well-made reskin. I look forward to more Gurren Lagann reskins! Maybe Kamina for Ellis? Or Viral for Nick?
Awesome! :) has the icon of her face that replaces rochelle actual detail of her :D stunning to look at xD
the flash light in her eyes just makes it look creepy
i love your skins/mods :) make more skins for rochelle xD
FPS hands! It's Yoko <3 I can stop looking at Rochelle now.
Flashlights make her eyes white... it's creepy.
Your recent mods are really cool. Keep up the good work.
- FPS hands makes it look less wierd - Love anime type skins (not the watcher type though)
- When flash-lighted, or at random moments, her eyes are completely white - The hair should have physics, it sometimes gets in the way
Other than the cons, it's a pretty nice mod, still use it. I never use Rochelle, due to the fact she's a naggy whore, but I can still see this well-made mod. Thanks, and good job!
Last Updated: 05/02/12 Version: 0.3  (Complete) Views: 85,997
It's 'Rittona', not 'Ritona'...
Yoko Littner (ヨーコ・リットナー Yōko Rittonā)
Please make this for Ellis!
This doesn't show up on my add on's. I tried downloading this add on 10 times and it still doesn't appear.
you need to move the .vpk into your addons folder (program files 86x) -> (steam) -> (steamapps) -> (common) -> (left for dead 2) -> (leftfordead2) -> [addons]

hope this helped! :)
one more invisible in team
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