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GameMaps Left 4 Dead 2 Mods Lightsaber
Lightsaber created by Bonus.
Reviews (15)
READ THE CHANGELOG! Installation notes are up there. That little striped button up on the right side of the screenshots.
Version: 1.0  (Complete)
Last Updated: 08/26/11
Released: 08/26/11
Author: Bonus
Publisher: Bonus
File: lightsaber.vpk  
Size: 1.54MB
-Awesome model and textures -Really nice idea
-Sometimes problems with sound -Works normal only on original maps
You are really need to do something with this add-on, it is really cool and there are no similar mods. Please, if it possible, make it works on custom maps. And sorry for bad English. :)
- Good idea - Star Wars feeling - Good with oder Star Wars mod
-Not working, you only can hear the sound
You need to update this add-on !
Light saber!! Whooooo!! The sound of beam slashing on zombie just wicked cool!! Wait... I mean AWESOME!!
HUD Icon is a problem for me. (I am still see-ing a katana maybe its just my game) Emmm only light saber?? It would be better to keep the others in tact. Maybe just replace katana with the light saber will be enough. Troublesome to keep removing those addons. (But no - since you warned us if you don't want to do it, you won't have it xD)
Really cool! But if only the other melee weapon stays in the game... I did give it a 10. For now.....
Dude, its star wars. Need I say more? Sound effects PWN
No other melee wepons Only comes in red and always same hilt (The hilt is the part you hold onto.) When on ground and on back its still ignited
maybye next you could add more randomization to the sabers?
+Definitely the best Light sabre mod here +Sounds +Glows
-often it dis-appears or re-appears even though I've either disabled or enable it -when this happens the sound doesn't go
ABSOLUTELY GREAT MOD.My apologies for the early criticism but I was getting frustrated over why it wasn't working. Atleast until I checked the Change Log again.Great with futuristic character mods.Fun to chop storm trooper infected with.Tank Vader ain't got shit on this
Last Updated: 08/26/11 Version: 1.0  (Complete) Views: < 500
Bonus, may I have the permission to use the lightsaber skin/texture and make my own mod? I'll just mention you in the credits if that's fine?
Lightsaber is replaced with all melee weapon, I can't see another weapons.
Make a tank arm bat
my pikachu is better than yours XD
I'm inclined to agree with Chipsahoy.
You should make different colors besides red, I'd like to have ones in Blue, Green, Yellow, Purple even Orange or Pink.
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