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Teletubbies mod created by Spartan46.
(2.0) -Fixed weird textures :D !!! -All maps working but not The Passing! *saw this mod on some videos thanks :) put Spartan46 in your credits Please download from the external link if you want to support me!!! Kill the most dangerous zombies! the teletubbies!!! Left 4 dead 1 teletubbies mod in left 4 dead 2. Bugs: The Passing is crashing
Version: 2.0  (Complete)
Last Updated: 01/02/14
Released: 01/02/14
Author: Spartan46
Publisher: Spartan46
File: teletubbies.vpk  
Size: 42.3MB
Last Updated: 01/02/14   Version: 2.0  (Complete)    
I'm saw the passing is crash because scripts population is missing some spawn model part, but I'm make work by used current population scripts.
yeah it doesn't work
The mod doesn't work, only the sound part of it.
i go the audio but don't see any teletubbies. any help with that?
I cannot see the teletubbies in any of the multiplayer levels.. any way i can fix this?
Me too....I have same errors at survivor skins,zombie skins....please help me and wolfquest13 :P ;D !@#$ YEAH
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