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Homer simpson chainsaw mod (Sound mod) created by [WATD]Vexed.
*NOTE* I DID NOT MAKE THIS!! I take no credit, I found this mod on another site and Thought it was a funny mod, so im putting it up here. The original author is [WATD]Vexed. If there is any bugs dont complain to me because im not the author so i can do nothing about it... ENJOY!
Version: 1.0  (Final)
Last Updated: 08/17/11
Released: 08/17/11
Author: [WATD]Vexed
Publisher: seth177
File: homerchainsaw.vpk  
Size: 1.18MB
Tagged: Audio, Weapon,
Last Updated: 08/17/11   Version: 1.0  (Final)    
good mod but the video showing it is terrible.
I actually deleted the video, but........ The one who uploaded it here somehow uploaded it from me even though I have my videos to NOT be embedded anywhere.
You stole this i alreadyposted this mod here and you stole My video! I NEVER GAVE YOU PREMISSION TO USE
I'm confused.
Because I am credited as the author and I did indeed make my own Homer Chainsaw sound mod a long while ago.

A quick search on Steam or YouTube of my name will show you the video to the one I made.

But yeah. The video shown is definately not the mod I made.
Although the file name is the same.
Not that I really care if this is mine or not. Lol.

Just for the record, that is MY youtube video, I really wish someone had asked to use it on here before you did. Thanks.
I love using mods to take out all seriousness from lfd
funny really funny. has homer :D just too good to put into words =D
stay back guys i GOT A CHAINSAW NUM NUM NUM NUM NUM NUM uh...oh (lol)
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