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Xenogenocide's Metalised Music Pack created by Xenogenocide/XD001.
Originally created for L4D1 as music replacement, so there are no music edits for the Jockey, Charger, and Spitter. Xenogenocide is the original creator of these music replacements and I packaged them into a .VPK for easy use. Replaces Tank, Witch, Hunter, Smoker, and Boomer music. (Not my vid)
Version: 1.1  (Final)
Last Updated: 08/25/11
Released: 08/25/11
Author: Xenogenocide/XD001
Publisher: XD001
File: Xenogenocides Metalised Music Pack.vpk  
Size: 35.39MB
Tagged: Infected, Audio, music,
Last Updated: 08/25/11   Version: 1.1  (Final)    
awsome its the best!
@bogospawn - I can't make music myself as I don't have any knowledge to do so.

Sorry. :(
This is an old,classic sound mod
Try making some for the new infected(i know you didnt make this,its been around for ages,but you can still try)
You like metal? Good,then download this.
S'Awesome. ^^
Would Be More Cooler If You Can Make The Metal Version Of The Witch Too. =)
There is, but it's pretty hard too listen to when your trying not to get slashed by her lol.
already exists, but not a vpk file, but an wav. file (i have it in wav.)
It's Fantastic music
tank,witch sound and ghost sound
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