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Better Blood and wound textures created by unknown.
this will prob be my last mod i upload. was not made by me enjoy.
Version: 1  (Final)
Last Updated: 08/23/11
Released: 08/23/11
Author: unknown
Publisher: MrLanky
File: improved blood textures.vpk  
Size: 0.92MB
Last Updated: 08/23/11   Version: 1  (Final)    
no pics,no vids no clicks :]
Screenshots or no download.
My goodness my guinness no screenshots, good job. truly, you want people to download this mod for something like this, KIND OF have to see it. you know, just courtesy.
Not his fault, a while back something happened and many old mods lost their screenshots, and maybe the author just hasn't realised that his screenshots broke too.
This will not conflict with other blood MOD?
STOP (you had me at epic splatter factor)
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