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High-res Goth Replacement for Rochelle by Rocket created by Rocket3vil.
Complete retexture and new bump maps for head/face and hair updated body textures. added lip/nose/ear percing and neck corset. The face/head/hair textures/bump maps are custom (new). The model and mesh were created arby26. This mod is very gpu taxing @ 1920x1080 w/ 12x Anti-Aliasing w/ 4x Anisotropic and above. Enjoy More video's on my youtube channel the link is in the channel log.
Version: 2.5  (Final)
Last Updated: 10/09/11
Released: 10/09/11
Author: Rocket3vil
Publisher: rocket3vil
File: rockets roechelle.vpk  
Size: 11.43MB
Last Updated: 10/09/11   Version: 2.5  (Final)    
Can you please create a "survivalist" mod for the others characters ???^^ (with gloves and combat gilet ;)
when I install it Rochelle becomes invisible and I wind up killing her by accident. dose this happen to anyone alse?
Re-Pack the VPK.
i have a problem, when i start a campain for some reason this skin mixes with my mod for zoey (i end up in getting zoey in the campain, but with rochelle's voice and with this mod's icons) i fix it by turning off the mod for zoey.
Is there a way so that i dont have to turn off the mod at all? is not a serous issue but it bugs me that sometimes i forget to turn off zoey's mod and i have to restart the campain all over again
i downloaded it but it wont show up. is there a way to fix it
Sorry with my spelling it happens all the time WHY DONT I CHECK IT FUDGEBALL ME
Ty for the comment and reveiw
Aww no reviews? That Sucks Anywayz +Love it +Gorgeous +Stunning +GoregousStunningEPIC!!!
Whats wrong i dont see anything wrong about it thats to be honest that i dont see anything bad or anything like that thats to be super honest :3
10/10 RATING BABY You know i love it you know i do just ingore some bad comments that happens to ruin/wreck your hard work they just dont have a good taste of mods I DO What about you Just hoping no stupid things happen to this AWESOME mod
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