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Team Fortress 2 Safe Room Music
By: XD001/Valve (179) Add-On: Mod
09/17/11 ========= Uploaded the file
Replaces the L4D1&2 safe room themes. The song is the victory theme from TF2, also known as Ending Flourish.

Last Updated: 09/17/11
Version: 1.0  (Final)
File: TF2 Safe Room Music.vpk  (2.66MB)
Category: Audio
Tagged: music
Scout and Demo-man seem to be up for a fight
Ironically Soldier and Heavy....not so much
TF2 Music Victory music Awesome Cool
Awesome,have to get it,cause i have been played tf2 over 500 hours.MUST GET IT!
Whos that guy who seemingly chases them? he looks cool! Is it possible to get him as skin as infected or for survivors?
He is The HHH, or The , "Horseless Headless Horseman."
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