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Baseball Bat Brushed Aluminum (with sound) created by K1CHWA.
i made this awhile back for jj benson. it has brushed aluminum texture and normal map. i added tf2 metal bat ping to sounds. (only negative - baseball bat uses same sound files as cricket bat .. so it too will also have metallic ping sounds) PLEASE DO NOT REDISTRIBUTE, STEAL OR USE MY WORKS AS A BASE WITHOUT ASKING 1st.
Version: 1.1  (Complete)
Last Updated: 07/05/12
Released: 07/05/12
Author: K1CHWA
Publisher: k1chwa
File: bat_metal_l4d2.vpk  
Size: 3.04MB
Last Updated: 07/05/12   Version: 1.1  (Complete)    
works a treat and has no cons as far as i can tell... 9.9 dude .. ty

works great with the metal baseball bat and metal bar replacement for the cricket bat...

and the sounds... magic ;)
Didn't work on my Mac when I installed it, much like the Cricket Bat Brushed Aluminium (w/ sound)
You should upload your metal Cricket Bat so that the sounds aren't so weird.
can you fix the sound man please please please?
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