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Witch Music: Portal 2 Style created by xMissyChrissyx.
Replaces Witch music with music from Portal 2. 'PotatOS Lament' and 'You Will Be Perfect'
Version: 1.0  (Complete)
Last Updated: 09/02/11
Released: 09/02/11
Author: xMissyChrissyx
Publisher: xMissyChrissyx
File: portal_witch.vpk  
Size: 7.82MB
Last Updated: 09/02/11   Version: 1.0  (Complete)    
When the Witch is running at you the music is in Portal 2 and when she hits you the sound is from the goo sound in Portal 2 and the first part I do not have a clue.
When she's crying, it's the PotatOS lament.
You can not hear some of the sound. you can not hear it ( that well) when the Witch hits you and you can not hear it before you shot her.
When the Witch was trying to hit me I got really pumped when the music played.
I like the sounds they chose and I hope they do more Portal things.
-Potal 2 Music -Somehow fits th witch -Fun to play with portal 2 mods and skins
-Makes me wanna kill witches and here by makes me die and get blamed by players.
Strangely Fits and is quite awesome to play with.
Portal 2,amazing! Suits the witch.
Portal ones wouda be better (not taking any points,only an opinion) The first menu theme would be better too.
Deserves a download from all Portal fans. Waiting for moar portal stuff...
That's better.Always wanted to hear Portal 2 sounds in L4D2.Wonder when there will be a working Portal Gun?
Well, the model already exists, it's just the tricky part of making it replace a specific weapon, and the first person look of it on your hand (Chell's hand is completely inside the gun).
Right,but it would be better if it was a scripted weapon,it would be like...noclipping to the next area.
Also,the viewmodel and the worldmodel too.
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