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Total Melee Unlocker - Scripts created by The Real Ellis/KillznThrillz.
3 mods in 1, read changelog for detailed info. You must also download the 'Total Melee Unlocker - Missions' addon, because one won't work without the other. They are conjoined soulmates. Download link is in the changelog. 1) unlocks and spawns all melee weapons in every official campaign, including Coldstream and L4D1 ports. 2) enables the female boomer in campaigns she's previously disabled in 3) unlocks the third melee striking animation for most weapons PS: yes, I have gotten permission from both Lurch and R.T.Frisk to include their melee weapons here. In fact they hope people will now stop asking how to get them working in the official campaigns.
Version: 1.0  (Complete)
Last Updated: 09/08/11
Released: 09/08/11
Author: The Real Ellis/KillznThrillz
Publisher: The REAL Ellis
File: Total Melee Unlocker - Scripts.vpk  
Size: 2.35MB
Tagged: Scripts,
Last Updated: 09/08/11   Version: 1.0  (Complete)    
Can you add Counter-Strike: Source weapons to the mission files?
go to console tipe in example "map c10e1 or m1 im not sure but it will pop up then tipe in sv_cheats 1 then just tipe in give sniper_awp then u get awp but u need to restart level for the awp to work u can even find the mp5 the scout and some other guns
no, they don't work like melee weapons. they require Sourcemod and additional plugins to function properly. for now you'll have to load each one via the console, but they won't do any damage. reload the map and once again spawn from console, then they will do damage.

you have to do that every time you start the game.
update: now it works again after the latest update.
Valve has officially disabled mods in official campaigns that rely on modified melee/mission scripts, thus rendering this mod half useless. It no longer works in official campaigns, including L4D1 ports and L4D2 DLC.

Still works in custom campaigns only if the mapper hasn't included a melee line in the mission.txt.
yeah, as I explain in the changelog, custom campaigns that have their own melee weapon selection in their mission.txt file will override this one. when I download a custom campaign, I decompile it and remove the melee-specific line from the mission.txt file, then recompile it and voila, I can use the custom melees in it.

unless I make a list of popular custom campaigns, and add their individual mission.txt file in the Missions pack along with the official campaigns. but the mappers of those custom campaigns but get a bit uppity about it. you know how sensitive everyone is around here. and you'd also have to remove the mission.txt file from those custom campaigns in order for this one to work, otherwise one will override the other, and there's no way to make sure this one does the overriding.
-All Valve melee weapons available -Play golf wherever I want now -German Only knife now available without console -Gives you another reason to waste time
-Custom weapons are not available in every campaign, might be a fault on my end though -Added animations are much slower than the basic animations -Mod's demand for more Female Boomer causes inability to play game
It adds all Valve melee weapons to every official campaign, but sadly the custom weapons aren't, might just be because I haven't downloaded them, I don't know for sure. Game-play becomes slightly more annoying with the new animations. Something strange went on with the mod, and now I can no longer play Left4Dead2, the game demanding a consistency of Boomette's models or something.
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