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GameMaps Left 4 Dead 2 Mods Total Melee Unlocker - Missions
Total Melee Unlocker - Missions created by The Real Ellis.
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3 mods in 1, read changelog for detailed info. You must also download the 'Total Melee Unlocker - Scripts' addon, because one won't work without the other. They are conjoined soulmates. Download link is in the changelog. 1) unlocks and spawns all melee weapons in every official campaign, including Coldstream and L4D1 ports. 2) enables the female boomer in campaigns she's previously disabled in 3) unlocks the third melee striking animation for most weapons GCFScape download link now in changelog. Great tool for opening vpk files and seeing their contents in directory form. Pay attention to Microsoft product required to run it. Stick with the installer.
Version: 1.2  (Final)
Last Updated: 11/04/11
Released: 11/04/11
Author: The Real Ellis
Publisher: The REAL Ellis
File: Total Melee Unlocker - Missions.vpk  
Size: 0.09MB
Tagged: Scripts,
Needed to spawn custom melees in the official campaigns.
Not needed to spawn them in custommaps :-)
Well it's needed to make my Lightsaber work in the campaigns (or any other melee), so of course it's good :-) I wouldn't mind if you separated the two addons more, as in my case, both now and in the future, the "Scripts" addon actually breaks other custom melees not included, and the "Missions" addon actually has its very own use.
Last Updated: 11/04/11 Version: 1.2  (Final) Views: 42,640
@Mince, indeed. it only took them a month to fix it.
Valve fixed this and other mission script mods with the update today. Works like a charm.
Valve has officially disabled mods in official campaigns that rely on modified melee/mission scripts, thus rendering this mod half useless. It no longer works in official campaigns, including L4D1 ports and L4D2 DLC.

Still works in custom campaigns only if the mapper hasn't included a melee line in the mission.txt.
Thanks. But why dont you make both mods in one?
Can you add the flamethrower to the mission files?
the flamethrower as far as I know requires Sourcemod to properly work. so that's a no. I've never touched Sourcemod in my life
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