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Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes Music Mod (Main) created by Mateoski.
Ported from (my personal favorite) Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes. Now it's the main theme of Twin Snakes and it's !@#$ing badass. Replaces the credit roll theme.
Version: 1  (Final)
Last Updated: 09/11/11
Released: 09/11/11
Author: Mateoski
Publisher: Mateoski
File: metal gear solid the twin snakes (main theme) credit roll theme.vpk  
Size: 11.57MB
Last Updated: 09/11/11   Version: 1  (Final)    
-omg YES The Theme fits PERFECTLY! =D -Good sound quality for it too!
as you cab tell by my profile pic ima MGS fan xD Thanks for this mod! Ive been looking for a credits theme that fit well and THIS.IS.IT!
this mod is awesome :D im so gonna download it :P its nice to have a little metal geaar solid in the end...but im the end of the credits you just hear that supposed to be there?
Nah. It was just a little delayed because of the map's transition.
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