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Dead Island Death Music created by XD001.
Replaces the L4D1 and L4D2 tunes for when a survivor dies. The music is from Dead Island and serves as the Church area theme.
Version: 1.0  (Final)
Last Updated: 09/12/11
Released: 09/12/11
Author: XD001
Publisher: XD001
File: Dead Island Death Theme.vpk  
Size: 15.93MB
Tagged: Audio, music,
Last Updated: 09/12/11   Version: 1.0  (Final)    
Good job, thanks! Sounds very good.
-sounds very good -fits a death very well -fits l4d2 very well -makes dieing... not so bad now -nice feel
-non whatsoever
this is a very good sound mod that did not disapoint me. i expexted some crap mod but this one is very good. im giving it a very good score.
+ Good quality. + Not too loud, not too soft. + Fitting music. + Slow and calm, very relaxing.
- I need to start dying more often...
Great mod, I'll be happy to die now.
Thats pretty awesome! I personally would like (Dead Island related) Is the music from the trailer for the death theme =)

Love your Work XD001...over half of my L4D2 is modded by your stuff xD From the sky boxes to the Demon sounds for the SI!
Maybe I'll get around to making the trailer music the death theme later on this week. AKA when I can be bothered.

And it's pretty cool to hear that you use my stuff, although I've never modded the sky boxes.
oh thats right >< I was downloading that and had seen that you left a comment in there about it not working and my mind made me think it was you that made the skyboxes and not Zeon xD My mistake
Haha, it's fine.

I've also uploaded the trailer death music now.
Is this the music from the very first trailer for this game when the trailer was going in Reverse with the little girl?
No, it is the theme that plays in the Church area.
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