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GameMaps Left 4 Dead 2 Mods super shotguns
super shotguns created by chew-az.
Reviews (2)
this is a mod a made for the hell of it works in game shotgun can be use in pistol slot infinite ammo and more stop n power works on solo game mite work on other modes mod is a custom script oh do not pont at survivors this is one shot one kill for the tank and witch fix hud icon and moved the gun placement on survivors back
Version: 2.0  (Complete)
Last Updated: 01/20/12
Released: 01/20/12
Author: chew-az
Publisher: chewaz
File: super shotguns v.2.vpk  
Size: 0MB
Tagged: Scripts, gameplay,
Nice to have two principal weapons at same time You can switch rapid fire power and strong fire power, very interesting
One shot, one kill, in Tanks, Witches even in your friends. The hud icon is flat, weird You lost Melee weapon
Very cool to have two weapons, but is too powerfull, sometimes annoying.
super strong infinite ammo none can beat it good if primary weapon has got no ammo
takes the 2 slot can only use melees if you throw the shotgun away
really good would use it
Last Updated: 01/20/12 Version: 2.0  (Complete) Views: 19,040
I don't have any MODs that effect shotguns, but i still can't get this to work. When I install the MOD, it doesn't even show up in the add-ons menu. Any suggestions?
could you make it so that the shotgun does stock damage instead of a "one shot one kill" as quoted in the description
does it work online?
no . it mite work if the mod is installed on the sever not sure. i havent try it so i dont know.
doesent work for me please help?
you should disable your other mods that may mess with it like the weapons vairty or the infinty ammo shotguns
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