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resident evil signs created by manix33.
this mod replaces ceda caution sign into s.t.a.r.s and also change the whitakes gun shop into gunshop kendo. go to changelog to see updates
Version: 1.2  (Complete)
Last Updated: 11/30/11
Released: 11/30/11
Author: manix33
Publisher: manix33
File: resident evil sign.vpk  
Size: 2.87MB
Last Updated: 11/30/11   Version: 1.2  (Complete)    
pet hunter (photo 5)

[how do you make a mod]
well i think some stars sign were messing up some other place don't know if it was in hard rain or parish but some place there was like some quarter in some other ground then the rest of the ground (the signs that lay on the ground).
I've already noticed some errors in parish, and i will probably fix it, i will find time for it.
Wouldn't it be a bit more real to reskin all the boards to have the Umbrella logos with quotes about the infection not being dangerous?

I understand having S.T.A.R.S. logos in certain places but the warnings would feel a bit more in place with Umbrella quotes.
Umbrella wouldnt have mad ethe sign's bc they wnated to cover up the fact that therethe reason for the mansion and the out break, so no I'd say that'd be suicide, But remember, 4 S.T.A.R.S member are alive witch means the infection hadnt reached Dead Center at the same time as in RE so, Chris, Jill, Barry and Rebecca created those notifications just in case. :3
i made my new story , since chris, jill, rebecca, survive the outbreak and knew that it was all umbrella's fault, they decided to tell it to the world that the infection was made by umbrella, and s.t.a.r.s. move to post some notification in some places, and dead center was included.
I am just pwning the comments on this mod...
Actually I'd agree with velancious, I'd say more Umbrella signs and less STARS ones would be appreciated.
ok, here's my new idea, the ceda sign would changed into umbrella, and all military sign would changed into s.t.a.r.s., agree?
I dont bc why would Umbrella make these signs? I mean they said they didnt do it, and these signs would show they did so it makes no sense
except it'd also make sense as "Umbrella caring about their people" ;)
Yea thats why they sent Carlos and them -__-
Very cool, I feel like i'm in Raccoon! Kendo Gunshop! <3
It's only in Dead Center ;_; More campaigns should have this mod, like R.P.D. and stuff
Overall an excellent nod for RE fans. Goes great w/ RE custom survivor skins :D
can someone make a new Leon Kennedy character skin please, where he has facial animations. Do his RE4 outfit w/out his jacket, like on the games cover.
I'd say it's bad idea. Leon was work-alone type. He doesn't fit the Left 4 dead style at all.
No, he worked with Ada, Ashley, Claire, Sherry and Louis!
agreed with vin
And the Goverment! and Hunnagian!
but over 50% of all the times he was alone. Did Hunnigan help him defeat Saddler? NO! Did Ada help him defeat El Gigante? NO! Did Ashley help him... nvm that one don't bother I bet you get my point!
did ada help leon to kill saddler? YES!, did ashley help him in some way? YES!, did Louis help him in defending ashley to the group of ganados? YES!, my point is, the 50% chance that leon may have allies,,. will happen in l4d2 ^_^
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