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GameMaps Left 4 Dead 2 Mods Teen Angst Zoey, No Hair
Teen Angst Zoey, No Hair created by arby26.
Reviews (8)
This is my original Teen Angst Zoey model, but without hair.
Version: 1.5a  (Complete)
Last Updated: 09/19/11
Released: 09/19/11
Author: arby26
Publisher: arby26
File: zoey_teenangst_o.vpk  
Size: 7.44MB
Tagged: Survivors, Survivors, Zoey,
-Good quality textures, even on low graphics settings -Zoey looks more like an average teen, which is who she was when the infection hit -Nothing too over the top or slutty -Original hair and eye colors -No bugs, glitches, or black-and-purple squared textures
-None that I can think of
A good quality mod that isn't just another reskin or nude verson of Zoey. I recommend.
Zoey in a mini skirt. :) Regular zoey hair and face. :) Plays great!
Nut N'Honey
Fantastic. This is a mod I have permanently turned on! Perfection!
original hair new looks holds melee weapons correctly animates correctly online being puked on by a boomer works has original L4D1 animations
could not find any
A month later and I'm still using her. Professional, I know we can do that, I've been customizing Left 4 Dead since the demo of the first game, but we shouldn't have to, it would be nice if the author would add some of his own variety. It's not as easy as you'd think... more than just replacing the hair files, there was also more to edit in the vpk file with the vmt files and other files. I don't know if the other hair mods here would correctly work with it.
-Good detail -Good theme -The character of Zoey isn't lost -Everything works
Enjoying it so far. Ill make it 100 and if something comes up, ill let ya know
+Awesome +Fine tunes an already excellent mod +Its all the Zoey teen angst without the mullet
-Missing texture for hair when boomer goes boom on Zoey -More personal preference against the original mod, but her skirt is an awkward shade of blue imo.
This for simplistic Zoey plox?
Last Updated: 09/19/11 Version: 1.5a  (Complete) Views: 38,436
Simple and high quality. Looks great in game.
Dosen't work with the L4D1 Survivors Melee Fix
Can you please create a "survivalist" mod for the others characters ???^^ (with gloves and combat gilet ;)
i uploaded some screenshots
It actually looks really nice, yet simple. Wish you would upload screenshots so others could see it, but it looked nice for me.
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