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GameMaps Left 4 Dead 2 Mods smg sidearm
smg sidearm created by Barrage_o_Fail.
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this is a mod that makes it posible to take the smg as a side arm, you have infinite ammo. the bullets still do the same damage as the normal pistols. you can still have the pistols, but you cant have the smg as main weapon anymore, when down you have your smg but low firerate.
Version: 1  (Final)
Last Updated: 09/26/11
Released: 09/26/11
Author: Barrage_o_Fail
Publisher: 3hellknight3
File: Automatic Sidearms.vpk  
Size: 0MB
Tagged: Scripts, gameplay,
Gives the ability to have both tier 1 weapons & allows for a better backup weapon than a pistol I know have an alternative to a fire axe
Doesn't play nice with Weapon Realism BETA(gets overridden by said mod & stays as a primary)
Very well done mod, but I would like a patch so it can work with Weapon Realism BETA. Both are great mods, but I hate having to pick one or the other.
Last Updated: 09/26/11 Version: 1  (Final) Views: 11,700
cool works propely
and best mod ever mother****
only works on Left 4 Dead 1 :(
it sucks thats all there is to say
or do they spawn in areas that pistols do
they spawn regulary but then in the begining they dont let you have it because it will be like CHEATING dun dun DUUNNNNNN now its a working mod
for some reason it makes uzi's not spawn so clearly this wasnt tested
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