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GameMaps Left 4 Dead 2 Mods HKG36
HKG36 created by Mr Lanky.
Reviews (4)
**updated** world model properly fixed & hand model on v_model fixed. thanks to arby26 and drhaus for the fixes as it was based off their files and info. HKG36 replaces the SSG552. This is the updated version that should fix most of the problems the previous one had. Arms should work for old survivors as well as new(operative word being 'should' hehe).
Version: 1.2  (Complete)
Last Updated: 07/05/13
Released: 07/05/13
Author: Mr Lanky
Publisher: MrLanky
File: hkg36_sg552_v3.vpk  
Size: 1.95MB
Tagged: Weapons, Rifles, ssg552,
I really like this gun. Adds more detail variety
Sometimes when I pick it up, my hands disappear in 1st person when carrying it. Also sometimes when I put the gun on my back in 3rd person the gun is fixed sideways horizontal rather then vertical as in up an down my back like all the other guns.
It's very good. I really like it. Just wished these few problems were fixed...
its kinda bit nice since im bored with SG nice texture as they said
sight and light as mentioned and the selector (safe, semi, auto) thing is misplaced, it's in the charging part,just way too high to its respectful place. kindly fix it..
all in all its good *the selector really turn me off*
Nice weapon Nice texure You did a good job for now.
You must place the laser sight and light, why not look right. It also tries to create animations.
I give you 100% for the weapon you did.
Awsome looking My favourite assult rifle Operates well (aside from no ads on l4d)
Slight glitch: random hand movements as if pointing to objects Major glitch: no damage?
very well done, however as put in the cons, the random hand movents can get a little annoying, however what I found very odd and disapointing is that it does no damage (on my machine at least) I pumped 3 clips into a single common infected, nothing, one slice with a sword, dead as you would expect 60 all up for the model work and time put into it
Last Updated: 07/05/13 Version: 1.2  (Complete) Views: 25,324
Doesn't work correctly for me in co-op. I get a few reload and shove animations when holding the gun and after firing, my arm is stuck holding out my hand like I'm going to grab an item. Even stranger is my palm is facing up instead of down.
Great gun but after I shove the animation gets stuck.
Could you fix that.
can you put it on arby's g36c animations
^This, or at least any other animation.
The M16's make no sense on a G36.
yeah, in theory you should be able to put it on pretty much any rifle's anims, so I will see about that for the next update of it.
I downloaded this and put this on my addon file, but my m16 is still its regular form. Why is this?
This replaces the German L4D2 Version SG552,not the M16
he wants it to be m16
this is the only SSG552 mod i know... that i can install at that matter
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