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L4D2 Modified Talker created by Morning Nine Nine.
L4D2 Modified Talker is an addon which improves survivor's conversation. It includes many exclusive dialogues, unused survivor's voices and fully support the 'Character Select Menu' plugin!! Additionally, it includes brand new corrections which lazy asses in Valve are unable to fix. You can enjoy abundant dialogue without stupid bugs. Please read changelog before you download.
Version: 3.568  (Complete)
Last Updated: 12/21/12
Released: 12/21/12
Author: Morning Nine Nine
Publisher: bazrael
File: _l4d2 modified talker.vpk  
Size: 0.56MB
Last Updated: 12/21/12   Version: 3.568  (Complete)    
why i can't see subtitles on left 4 dead 1 campaign
This is a very great work! I hope you can give me the VPK modification method; I want to modify the TANK played music jukebox song Or change the pronunciation of a few survivors. please. Excuse my English
I can speak Chinese
喵的,偶英文也不是粉好~ 上巴哈寄信來問好了。
This comment has been removed by the developer.
I cannot 巴哈姆特註冊 but my steamid is "951955896" my NickName is "Hey"
Please read private message on GameMaps.cοm.
New warning message in changelog. New version might release after lazy asses fix their glitches and bugs.
Huge amount of lines added for each Survivor – I'm still wondering why Valve didn't do it, I mean why the f♥♥k you would record megabytes of dialogues just to NOT use it at all? You can say „Sorry” for friendly fire and you can actually hear a response like „God damn it.” or sth Wisely used „Thanks” response when healing (Survivors are thanking when you're healing them, not after to avoid cutting lines) Nice try with using „battle healing” lines, but pretty much unsuccessful (they actually appear after horde attacks) „Got a can” instead of „Got it“ spam I didn't know that Coach's „This used to be a nice neighborhood!” was actually implemented into game, I thought it's only in intro :D
In any mutation with one Survivor dialogues goes crazy – e.g. in The Streets Survivor randomly and at any time says lines from level start about going to gun shop – it's weird when you're standing in front of Whitaker's shop and e.g. Coach says that there is gun shop in the town and they should go there In The Passing Nick sometimes wants to shoot Francis even if they was talking with Zoey In NM1 Francis very often answers to himself (like „Safehouse! Let's go!” and right then he says „Cool.” or „A-frickin-men.” like first line was said by other Survivor)
It definitely works in Single Player and if you're not a fan of custom radial menus (like me), it's definitely worth a shot.
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