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RESurvivorPack created by Richy221,Mr. Lanky.
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This is a survivor skin pack mod which contains the following: Mr.Lanky- Survivor Models Richy221 - Survivor Icons and names changed to match the model
Version: 2.1  (Complete)
Last Updated: 10/07/11
Released: 10/07/11
Author: Richy221,Mr. Lanky
Publisher: richy221
File: restarssurvivorpack.vpk  
Size: 33.82MB
+ Resident evil 0.5 + Accurate character choices 2.0 + Great models 4.0 + Name / pic shange 3.0 + Effort 0.5 Total = +10
- In game FPS same 0.4 - Lobby picks same 0.3 - Slight glitches with models 0.2 Total= -0.9
All together this mod is a GREAT mod! There are some things that are wrong but... as you can see there small things that don't have much effect or are big. There is only ONE thing I don't like that I did not add as a con and that was that wesker was not stars like in res 1 but, oh well. SO all together I gave it a 9.1 for being a wonderful mod, I would recommend this to all resident evil fans, or just if your looking for something cool.
+Resident Evil! +Perfect Model choices +an awesome Chris and a smexy Wesker +Way better than L4d survivors +Names and pictures change
-In first person view you still have the l4d survivor model -Would be awesome if they had their voices (but that won't affect rating here) -Lobby pictures are still the same
All in all this really is a great mod it's just while i was playing as Chris I still felt like i was Nick cause of the sleeves but i go in third person and it's Chris. That was really the only big issue I had with the mod the rest were just minor issues with the lobby pictures still being L4D2 survivors. It wasn't hard to figure out which ones were which with the names changed. I hope you fix the First Person view because then it will be PERFECT
good texture good animation good avatar renders
sooo nice, i using it in my l4d2_residentevil map, check it i giving ur mod link in my changelog
Resident Evil Characters, From RE 1, Their real name and image.
This Albert Wesker isn't from RE1, they don't open their mouths, don't have the movin' eye thing. This Chris is not exactly from re1, it's a bit different. Albert Wesker (not from re1) have his eyes orange.(his eyes became orange after the RE1, so it's not a Con because his body and clothes are not from RE1 neither).
More or less, but NICEEEEEEEE.
Last Updated: 10/07/11   Version: 2.1  (Complete)    
Plz give fps arms and facial moves T,.T
yh it was good if we have the fps arms and change Wesker for STARS Wesker from RE1 i think there is a model can you do Mr.Lanky or Richy?
Make face expresions & FPS arms.& this will be the greatest mod for L4D2.
Can you make RESurvivorPack FPS arms pls
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