Left 4 Dead 2
Left 4 Dead 2 is a single-player and multiplayer co-operative survival horror FPS game.
Left 4 Dead 2 : Dead Rising - Frank West's Theme
Tagged Survivor Audio Music dead rising credits themeoffrank.vpk
Updated: 10/15/11
Having only lurked on L4DMaps prior, I decided to finally release something here. I may or may not start posting my skins and such here in due time as well. This is for the credits theme. I've been using it for a while and figured I'd release it to the public! Enjoy! Thanks as well to XD001 for reminding me this needed to be posted. ;) Show More
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just something I made to go with the re2 campaign coming out soon.. as your health falls to green to yellow and to red the heartbeat gets fast...
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So well, today i bring you the Spitfire LMG, this one doesnt do that much because it will only replace the M60 and that weapon you can only fi...
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I'm gone within the moon, but when you see the shadows I'm all but far.
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So here i bring you the Smart Pistol MK5 it wil replace the stock pistol and the dual pistols and they also come with custom sounds as well, i...
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It's dangerous to go alone! Take this. HEY, LISTEN! ~ This mod requires a custom melee script to be held and attached to the survivors' bac...
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Added and the improvements placed Shotguns with real double ammo!
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Remington 870 Action Express for the pump shotgun. Includes a world model. Credits: Millenia, Twinke Masta, Geno, arby26, K1CHWA, Engineer, D...
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[Update: 7/14/2013] And you thought I would never update it...Re-did all bone weights, tweaked textures, added facial anims, 3rd person fix, h...
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