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GameMaps Left 4 Dead 2 Mods Patriotic M1911s
Patriotic M1911s created by buttdance.
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FOR L4D2!!!! Red, White, and Blue. arby26 did the animations. I give credit to arby26 and the original creator.
Version: 3.0  (Complete)
Last Updated: 10/30/11
Released: 10/30/11
Author: buttdance
Publisher: buttdance
File: patriotic m1911s.vpk  
Size: 1.66MB
Tagged: Weapons, Pistols, 1911,
-Colorful? -Maybe True Blue Americans who don't know how the flag looks like may DL this. -Colt Model! That's something good maybe. -Custom Sounds. -Your 10. Maybe that's something worth talent I guess. -I'm the 5th DL, and I deleted this after testing. HURRAY! :D
-STILL looks like an MS Paint Job! -Very low quality look... It's like a rainbow gun in a 1997 Game! -Seems proselytizing. -Patriotism in L4D2 guns? WTF!? -Looks even more french than american now. LOOK AT THE U.S. FLAG!!! NOTHIN LIKE THIS! -Just plain ugly... I'm sorry if that insults you, but improve a lil bit and maybe it'll be better in the future. -Deagle was way better (although it still ain't very good). -MORE RAINBOW LOOKIN AND MORE BRIGHT LOOKIN! WTF! -Makes Arby26 look terrible. If I were him I'd rather not get credit. -Update the fuzzy pictures! -Like Leilei said... "Looks like you're shooting pepsi for Jezus and America!" -New Sounds are kinda cheap.
You can say I'm a troll, but I'm sorry dude. This needs work! Just have some practice, and you'll improve. Oh yeah and get some ideas from more profesional skinners and modders. They know a lot. P.S. PLEASE DONT MAKE A KIDDY MOD! You may need some experience first. 1/9/12 EDIT: Oh and update this if you can. You need some practice for skinning if you really wanna be good.
Last Updated: 10/30/11 Version: 3.0  (Complete) Views: 7,058
You know what, I'm going to do my own version. One that looks practical
so you basicly opened the texture, drew white, blue and red stuff on it and saved it again?
One of the baddest skins i ever seen in my entire life.
the worst one i've was ALL MADE BY DARKSHADOW BRO!
a bit bright try changing the color down and opacity down dont be arfrade to darken it
You know what I hate?
People whine about this being a bright and colorful skin that does not fit the game, yet MLP guns get praise from nearly 95% of people.
I know right.
Most of us dislike the extreme contrasts, not brightness. Some MLP skins are very well-'smoothed' and have WAY lower contrast than this skin, this is just the Tricolore ctrl+v'd into the template.
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